Saturday , May 26 2018

From the life of a herbivore

Seven celebrities who will not think they are vegans Usually, when it comes to the plant-based diet, it is easy to imagine its adherents — the Hollywood Actresses and skinny models, willing to do anything for the sake of beauty. Actually veganism people adhere to different specifications and shapes — …

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A living symbol of the Arctic

Soon the hottest place on the planet is at risk of becoming cold Arctic, where hidden more than 25% of the global reserves of oil and gas. The volume of Arctic light oil in monetary terms amount to an astronomical sum of 8.5 trillion dollars. Not surprisingly, all of the …

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Merkel is back, blame the Chancellor failed

If the policy of the Kremlin really was, to undermine Merkel’s position in Germany and the influence of Germany in the EU, it seems to have failed. Merkel survived, and is now coming back. Today were announced the results of a survey of public opinion. 37% evaluated the job positively …

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