Saturday , October 20 2018

Products that cause serious addiction

Doctors called products that cause dependence on them. Dependence on anything is not the best feature for a man. In modern society, many people dream about independence in relationships, at work, in the social sphere, but to achieve this it turns out not at all. But with food it should …

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In Brazil can be restored the monarchy?

Brazil is mired in a political crisis. President Dilma Rousseff faces impeachment. The lower house of Parliament already supported this initiative, and now the upper house should consider the question of the removal of the head of state from office. Supporters and opponents of Rousseff spend thousands of demonstrations. And …

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Scientists were able to solve the mystery of slow earthquakes

An international group of geologists have found the cause of the so-called slow earthquakes, which can last for several weeks. Seismologists from the Paris geophysical Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of technology together with scientists of Institute of Volcanology and seismology Feb RAS found out the reason the so-called slow …

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