Friday , June 23 2017

In Kiev blew up the shop of cellular communication


No casualties were reported. Kiev on Victory Avenue in the night of Wednesday, June 21, unidentified persons threw an explosive device into the shop of cellular communication. As reported by Sentinels.Espresso, as a result of the explosion had damaged the front of the house and protective shutters. On the scene …

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Artificial intelligence – the weapons of the XXI century


Even some 20 years ago a powerful weapon, against which no antidote was considered to be atomic and thermonuclear bombs. Today, as the super weapon of the XXI century scientists define the self-learning artificial intelligence system. But, like nuclear, the creation of new weapons on forces only the leading powers …

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The plane, US shot down Iranian drone of a shock in Syria


<hr/> In Syria, the international coalition under U.S. command announced the elimination of the unmanned Iranian-made model Shahed-129, which belonged to the Syrian air force, near Al-TANF, with weapons on Board. The drone flew in the direction of the garrison of coalition forces, located in the South-Eastern Syria near the …

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