Tuesday , September 26 2017

Debunking the myth of “quality of Soviet education”


And here is an interesting question for all lovers of the Union who believe in a “particularly good value” of Soviet education (often calling it “world’s best”) — why in the last years of the Union the people had begun to charge the water cans at the TV? Show completely… …

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Silence gives consent: the OSCE recognizes Crimea as Russian


From 11 to 22 November in Warsaw was held the meeting of the OSCE “Human dimension”. It is the largest European annual conference on human rights. The meeting invited the representatives of the States-participants of OSCE and the Executive structures of the OSCE, representatives of intergovernmental organizations, civil society representatives, …

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One against Kalashnikov


On the day of the inauguration of the monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov from the pedestal of a young man with a poster “weapons Designer = designer’s death”. Although it was a picket, which is not contrary to any laws, protester was immediately arrested by the police. When the detainee was …

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