Monday , August 21 2017

Arbat cleansed from artists, musicians and merchants


Prefecture Central district of Moscow together with satisfied daily police raids against illegal trade on the Arbat. About this “NOT” reported in a press-Department service. Muscovites from late January to discuss the persecution of street artists of Arbat – recall, three of them were taken to the police station and …

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Hospital “Doctors without borders” in Syria is bombed


When the strikes on the hospital in the province of Deraa in southern Syria, which supports the organisation “Doctors without borders”, three people were killed and another six were injured. Informed International humanitarian organizations. “The airstrikes hit a hospital in the province of Deraa in southern Syria, which is supported …

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The Frenchman Fourcade Shipulin faster for a second


Russian athlete Anton Shipulin won silver in the sprint at the stage of the biathlon world Cup in the USA. Shipulin lost only to the Norwegian Johannes Bø. According to the website of the International biathlon Union (IBU), the lag of the Russian athlete from the leader of the race …

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Biologists: some people suffer from allergies on a run


Some people really are allergic to running, said British scientists. Those members of the human race was identified a genetic mutation that causes a rare form of hives caused by vibration from running. In addition to running, this reaction causes even the clapping of hands, active body rubbing with a …

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Two su-27 and Tu-134 nearly collided near Tver


Managers Vnukovo airport have prevented the collision of a passenger aboard a special flight detachment “Russia” and two su-27. The incident occurred on February 4, reports LifeNews. According to media reports, the two fighters su-27 and Tu-134 took one about 11 o’clock in the morning. Passenger Board should have cross …

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What Russia seeks in Syria


Before the war it was the largest city in Syria, and for several years he was the chief stronghold of the rebels. Now Aleppo is under threat — coming decisive battle. The strength of the regime and its allies are present at the place of military action, with support of …

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The head of the IMF made the end of support of Ukraine


The managing Director of the International monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde said about the possible cessation of support for Ukraine. “With no significant attempts to revive the state reform … it is difficult to assume whether the support programme of the IMF to continue and be successful,” she said in …

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