Tuesday , July 25 2017

Teachers and postmen forced to beg “to reduce wages”


  On egregious facts told human rights defenders. Earlier, the “Belarusian documentation center” reported a case that occurred in Minsk “House of furniture”, when all employees were forced to write a statement about giving them a weekend at their own expense, but to continue to go to work. Lawyer Vladimir …

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Russia may offer Japan controlling stakes in oil projects


Russia is ready to provide Japanese companies with controlling stakes in major projects for oil and gas, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich in an interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkei. “We are ready to offer Japan controlling stakes in large oil and gas projects. This applies to Japanese investors, who …

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“Minsk” format into the hands of jihadists


The situation in the middle East is reminiscent of a crucial period of world war II, with the caveat that the main evil is not a country or a society, fallen into a nationalist frenzy, but protopselaphinae education, professing no less destructive misanthropic ideology than fascism, and midwives. A number …

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