Tuesday , September 26 2017

Unexpected use of profanity


The habit of swearing, as a rule, does not speak anything good about a person, but of battle and there are some unexpected advantages, says BBC Future columnist. I grew up with a sister who is significantly older than me. Therefore it is not surprising that already for ten years …

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10 most unusual technology in recent years


Sometimes it seems that in the last decade, the world seemed frozen in place, and mankind did not invent anything but new smartphones. Fortunately, it is not — there are many real technologies, it is able to amaze even the most fastidious critic. Some are designed for war, others for …

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To Minecraft: Story Mode will be released in three episodes


The fifth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode coming out in late March. It seems that the collaboration with Mojang amazing impact on not loving the haste Telltale Games. Not only that, the Studio relatively quickly released the first four episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, so now the additional three series …

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Israel is back in Africa


“In the history of the country, since 1948, the international position of Israel has never been worse than now,” dramatically said one of the leaders of the Israeli opposition Yair Lapid, speaking recently at a donation event, pathetically called “emergency conference in connection with the crisis in international relations”. However, …

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“Survivor” won the Grand prize at Empire Awards


Adventure drama Alejandro gonzález iñárritu’s “Survivor” won the prize for best film of the year award at the Empire Awards, which were presented in London on 20 March. About it reports Variety. Another winner of the ceremony was the new series of the franchise “Star wars.” “The force awakening” won …

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11 guaranteed ways to make money on real estate in crisis


Real estate is the only product made by a person who doesn’t lose his monthly cost. The constant cheapening in the process of operation is typical for automobiles, household appliances, the most cool and clever gadgets, clothes and shoes. But not for real estate. Of course, there are many fundamental …

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Production of a barrel of oil costs Russia $ 2


A lot depends on the Deposit type and cycle of exploitation of mineral resources Deputy Minister of energy Kirill Molodtsov said that Russian companies spend for extraction of one barrel of oil about two dollars. The Russian oil industry “feels confident” even in conditions of low prices for “black gold”, …

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