Friday , June 23 2017

From life in the forests of the Far East


The whole night was raging snowstorm — Blizzard is here; she’s not calmed down and in the morning, and on the contrary, with the dawn of even more played out. In the woods in this Blizzard is nothing, Polgara. The dense thicket of tree trunks, heavy thicket thicket artisanal protect …

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Record wintering


Whatever harbored another new year, one thing is sure: on the third Sunday of January in Moscow hosts a citywide waterfowl. This year it was held for the 32nd time, wanting to participate in it did not stop either snow squalls on Saturday or promised by weather forecasters, unstable weather …

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Bongiorno, sir! You in Italy!


Still light and seen, as wave after wave of ducks to fly. In pairs, units and squadrons. Autumn, in October, it doesn’t matter, drakes or females, all fly Pell-mell. The first portion of the six vypilivaya from the trunk of my neighbor, and duck, secularises, noisy plops down into the …

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Accessories: 10 fashion trends autumn 2015


Preparing your wardrobe for autumn so that it matches the latest fashion trends, do not forget about how important each image accessories. And we will help you to understand the most relevant. From jewelry to handbags and even high gloves — here are a few trends that got rave reviews …

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Real fashion: a battle of images


This time we decided to arrange a competition between the female characters of the people we met on the street. At first glance they are very different, but both girls chose the sleek style, in addition, both in my pants. So, whose style do you like more? Shirt: Calvin Klein …

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Assistant Kadyrov told about his subtle sense of humor


The assistant to the head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov said that Ramzan Kadyrov subtle sense of humor, and not everyone is able to understand him. So on Thursday, February 11, at the air of “Russian news service” he commented on the appearance in Instagram the head of Republic pictures with …

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