Tuesday , September 26 2017

Rogozin Ovechkin shamed for refusing to participate in the Olympics


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin condemned the captain of the hockey club “Washington capitals” Alexander Ovechkin for refusing to participate in the Olympic games in 2018. The corresponding statement Rogozin made in Facebook, a post entitled “the Lost sheep”. “I would like to play for the national team, would …

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Frameless smartphone LEAGOO KIICAA MIX valued at $120


How much there is that your iPhone X, all of a frameless and terribly pretentious? Don’t know? And we will answer – from 1000 USD, and it is beyond absence of any unique technologies. And bermocoll first appeared in the beginning of the year and is no longer a reason …

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Declassified specifications of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus


Apple never officially reveals the specifications of their mobile gadgets, and even on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, took place three days ago, the information were never provided. Well, instead did the Chinese regulator TENAA has published online all the details about the hardware of Apple mobile phones, …

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In Russia comes a “special order”


The government has prepared amendments to the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation. If they accept, you to 95% of criminal cases can be dealt with… without examination and proof. A SPECIAL PROCEDURE WILL BECOME THE NORM We are talking about a simplified form of criminal procedure, which is …

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Exxon Mobil will get Krasnoleninskoye oil field

The conflict between Russia and the United States around the recovery of funds under the agreement on production section under the project “Sakhalin-1” is completed to everyone’s satisfaction. In return for the withdrawal of the suit of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm chamber of Commerce the world’s largest oil …

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When you have nothing to say, hit a groove on the Syrian sheds…


Formed a popular example: as soon as Moscow on the ears to close up, she accepted to shoot cruise missiles at Syrian sheds. So did September 14, when fired “calibers” submarines “Great Novgorod” and “Kolpino”. Again for destruction purposes a penny burned equipment on the ruble. Although the same could …

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Against Russia began hybrid attack


In Russia, several days in a row thrives telephone terrorism. It coincided with the beginning of Russian-Belarusian joint strategic exercises (SSA) “West-2017”. Thank God, calls on the mining of dozens of sites across Russia turned out to be false. But they destabilized the situation in many cities, including in Moscow. …

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Huawei built smartphone G10 four cameras


Smartphone Huawei, yesterday declassified Chinese regulator TENAA called Maimang 6, got world G10 and a release date. Also confirmed the information about the number of built-in cameras – they will be four, two above the touch screen and back panel. The announcement of the smartphone Huawei G10 scheduled for 22 …

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