Tuesday , July 25 2017

Anniversary Pokemon GO cancelled due to technical problems


Anniversary Pokemon GO to Chicago was cancelled due to a technical failure. According to the American media, because of improper operation of the system players are unable to open the app. Niantic CEO John Hank tried to calm the crowd, but was booed when going on stage. The organizers have …

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Russia is reviving the cult of Stalin


In Russia the cult of Stalin has not outlived its usefulness completely. On the contrary, it has become a profitable business. Walking through the Old Arbat, one of the main Central streets of Moscow, just go to any gift shop to buy a t-shirt or mug with the image of …

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As always — expect a coup in Moscow


West digs a pit for Russia, risking to get into it himself Having dealt with his opposition, the Kiev regime decided to engage a stranger. This time in Russian. New information trend “independence” was the news about the alleged “growing influence” of the opposition forces in Russia. They predict a …

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In which country of the former USSR is paying the most


In Estonia the highest average salary of the former USSR countries – $ 1313, according to a study edition of “Real time”. The rankings publishing relied on official data of countries for 2016-2017. Only the top 15 countries. The second place was Latvia – $1009 the average salary, the third …

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Razer will release a smartphone for gamers


Razer, manufacturer of gaming equipment, intends to enter the smartphone market and is already preparing the first model of communication under its own brand. Of course, the novelty will be focused on the players, but it’s unclear what is its difference from the current devices based on modern CPU from …

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