Friday , June 23 2017

A drunken impromptu: without his wife and the silence of American Newspapers


The visit of the Ukrainian head of state is not lit none of the leading publication of America Ukrainian President” rel=”nofollow”>Petro Poroshenko finally managed to meet with his American counterpart Donald trump. This remarkable meeting took place during the working visit of the Guarantor in the United States. This …

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What we fools should have been?


The article was started by Mikhail afonilum . And has a right to exist and discuss it .   With the fat mad ? Exactly. With fat with himself. I lived like Christ in his bosom . Each , by right of birth, was provided by the fact that now …

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Kiev believes that the Kerch bridge will bring losses to the state


Ukraine will complain to the International Maritime organization (International Maritime Organization) because of the construction of the Russian Federation of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. This statement was made by Deputy Minister of infrastructure of the country Yuriy Lavrenyuk. According to him, Russia did not coordinate the construction with …

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The lawyer Irina Fast: 50 thousand or 39 million rubles?


How to calculate the cost of human life   The attorney Association “Civil compensation” Irina Fast about why some people after the death of the loved ones get compensation in 100 thousand rubles, others in the millions Illustration: Saloman Koninck/Getty Images </dl> __________________________________________________________________________________   How much is a human life …

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Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is much cheaper


Xiaomi company officially reduced the price of its smartphone Mi Note 2, the discount was quite substantial, especially given the growing again of the dollar, the weakening of the already half-dead ruble. Dumping is a consequence of the imminent release of the Note 3, which will take place this summer. …

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Timothy will launch its banking and cashback


We could not pass by this news. Timati, rapper, writing “music” for the lads with Ryan, gathered to discover the world of financial and information technology. In the plans of his company Black Star Inc includes the launch of mobile virtual operator, service Kazbekov and even banking. Moreover, it plans …

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