Tuesday , September 26 2017

Nikolay Travkin: “sing and rejoice, people of Russia”


“The state of the economy Putin Ulyukaev was determined in the same way – the crisis. But the point of the crisis, which at the moment Russia is seen differently. Vladimir Putin – the romantic nature, otherwise would have brought in his time the profession of “cloak and dagger” – …

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5 pointless car accessories


Many drivers, especially in the provinces, I think the car is almost a family member. When the choice to please your wife flowers or buy a car, any next thing, they often choose the second option. I’m not going to argue about what is right or not, and talk about …

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The Kremlin, the country can not offer anything


Did you notice what is absorbed by the Kremlin? Yes, that’s right: the ruling team is trying to do accidentally caught in her hands the government of their property in the infinite time dimension. Such commitment is not uncommon in the world, and especially in Russian history. But here’s the …

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The meter is expensive, the population is impoverished


Housing prices rise for second quarter in a row. In Moscow square metre has risen by 2%. Experts explain this trend by reduction of the volume of supply on the market and improved conditions on the mortgage. However, incomes do not have to purchase housing, so even a slight increase …

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