Friday , June 23 2017

The dark past of Karl Marx


The founder of communism lasted a year in the University of Bonn. During this time he managed to join the company of poets and secret Corporation students and go to jail. For what? Entry on the conclusion of Karl Marx in the hole. The original is kept in the Museum …

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Smartphone YotaPhone 3


An official announcement of the new smartphone YotaPhone 3, which many have been waiting for three years. Like its predecessor in the face of the YotaPhone 2 and it has two screens and the main display is based on the matrix AMOLED. YotaPhone 3 is estimated at US $ 350, …

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Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone Mi Mix 2 Lite?


In the network appeared rumors about the new smartphone from Xiaomi, called Mi Mix 2 Lite. In fact, is a reduced copy of frameless models Mi Mix 2, which has not yet been officially submitted. At the moment there is only Xiaomi Mi Mix of the first generation, announced in …

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Experts: Russian regions began to Peter out faster


The growth of the Russian economy, which Rosstat captures three consecutive quarters at the Federal level, still not noticeable in most regions. This was stated by the experts from the Higher school of Economics. As reported in the “Review of the state and business”, in the area of sustained recession …

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