Tuesday , September 26 2017

Referendum the Kurds: the world against Israel –


Iran is ready to close border crossings with Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkey is amassing armed forces to the border with the Autonomous region, a bundle of loud diplomatic statements. So the world reacts to the Iraqi Kurdistan plans to hold a referendum on independence, scheduled for September 25. Other countries are …

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The ability not to find the culprit


It is not true that our law enforcement agencies are unprofessional and incompetent. It is not true that evidence of their incompetence and unprofessionalism is inaction. Inaction is also a kind of activity. The ability to find the perpetrator — is also an important skill. You need to clearly understand …

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The dust-up between “towers”


That’s just imagine: a character calls his organization in honor of another is not only recognized as a terrorist, but not referred to the media without the “banned in Russia”. Character giving interviews. He says things could get a whole community of bloggers from the provincial “Vkontakte”. What is it? …

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What will happen in my lifetime


When Alexander Zinoviev was still living in Munich and have got the light and moved away from his anti-Soviet, we were texting. In 1990, I sent him my article about A. Solzhenitsyn, he for this reason wrote to me: “Solzhenitsyn need not just to criticize, it should smash. This b… …

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