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Our strength is not in oil and gas

Сила наша не в нефти и газе

Our strength is not in oil and gas. Oil and gas more to support the pants in the country. If not oil and gas, the poor would not be 20 million, and at least half of the country, 75-80 million. And against so many poor, when they are enraged for evermore, will not save the Kremlin no Regarde. Yes, indeed, without oil and gas and Regardie would not exist. What it contain?

The strength of our nuclear triad. Fear us only because of what anger can even with earth, even with water, and you want the air to launch the rocket, and protection from it absolutely not. How not to develop missile defense, which means in the missile shield not vbuhivayut, and guarantee that none of the nuclear disc does not fall on the city, with many millions of civilians, no.

The missiles have a lot. And let us make. And with multiple heads, and heads that will think about change of direction and curve to avoid the danger of its destruction.
Oh, what, what, and in this pot brews cheers. As ozdorovcha to make the human body how to make human life more prosperous and extend it – there is not very much scientific and practical breakthroughs. And, here, to kill – there is no equal.

Our trouble is that all of these missiles – and that in the warehouses and are on duty, and which in the drawings have a “defense” – they are unmanned.
If they were governed by the man in the booth, it wouldn’t be a problem. We have desperate men who for 150-200 thousand rubles. ready missiles from the cabin to manage several thousands of darkness. This and the Donbass, and Syria show. Not only need to tell them when they sit in the booth that this is a one-way trip. They need about patriotism to speak.

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As a drone – they are flying through the programs.
Recently on the TV machine showed. Goes to itself among the rest in the stream, but without a driver! And it is not clear where managed. That is, the program not only provides traffic on a given route, but in the course is adjusted from the outside.
Who doubts that the flight of the rocket after pressing the button soon it will be possible to adjust? You laid the end of the route new York, as Jean had promised, and the enemy broke into the computer via filling “universal wifi” and rocket in a nearby mine or your missile cruiser in the Mediterranean sea flew.

The power is now in your brain! And not to have them. It is important to learn how to create conditions for them to focus them on solving large scale problems. Here is not really well with us.
I have created SKOLKOVO-type them in Silicon valley. A lot of money burst, the comfort of “heads” surrounded, and the most famous project that was born there and effectively implemented – “Nasty Fish”.
That shouldn’t detract from the scientific merit of a scientist Alex Leslie, but by investing even much smaller amounts Petya Listerman could carry out the same project and SKOLKOVO.

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In General, the question is, where are the brains going to fly!
Conversation and spells on all the forums about how the government is taking more measures to enhance the prestige of science, involvement in the scientific sphere of their talents and from abroad, a lot. But talent and brains – they love the freedom, they’re just free and open.
And then with surprising frequency among the scientists spies are caught. Gave to the press a publication without first reading the major of FSB and be kind under investigation.

Or, here, now scientist Pivovarov “desyatochka” Shine! Fire on the shields, say, several tens of thousands of rubles during the years of direktorstvovaniya library stole.
Brains – they are timid. Here and fly out of Russia.
And will fly until we will not cease to say and to live by the principle “the power of the truth, brother!” in the context of the same movie. True – it is all its own, and impossible to convince.
It is time to understand that the world is different now – power in your brain, brother!


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