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On the way to the road.The country was going in different directions, but always towards the dawn

На пути к дороге.Страна шла в разных направлениях, но всегда — заре навстречу

Nice to remember: youth, the next anniversary of the October revolution, the bands, the flags, portraits of members of the Politburo, severely aged, but still served the teachings of Marx, Engels and Alzheimer’s. Against this background, we, the carefree students of the University, from the heart gorlanova: “come on, “Dawn” forward, comrades in the struggle!”

No party could think that the word “dawn” we met in quotes and capitalized. As our enthusiasm grew as a festive convoy was approaching the street where the hotel “Zarya” in the cupboard which, surprisingly, in the morning poured the wine. Nowhere in Kazan nothing like watch the demonstrations are not allowed, and there is health. We have a couple minutes left the convoy and returned an ardent revolutionaries, ready to take even the Winter Palace, though Demi.

The column to the bright future never came. Who became the head of her new men led the crowd with the updated flags in the other direction, but again in the right. To go really far. Where there, 2050-th year? Something not seen even. But we already know that in mid-century Russia will have the sixth largest economy in the world and first in Europe. This prospect has painted President Putin futurists and analysts when they visit Arena, where he opened the exhibition “Russia looking into the future”. Vladimir Vladimirovich did not object, although they could be anxious to ask, what will have to happen, for example, with Germany or France. Then suddenly, their economy will be worse than ours? Swine flu will attack them or drought on the Champs Elysees will happen?

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Every policy nicer to talk about a brighter future than the gloomy present. Go the right way, and pay no attention to what we have on the side. Take, for example, subsidized Voronezh oblast, with its public debt to 27 billion rubles. According to various economic indicators, it is in twenty, in thirty among the regions of Russia. Decided economic problem then it can be assumed that one person that won the other day 506 million rubles in “Russian Lotto”. But the local leadership is looking into the distance. Here presented strategy of development of the region up to 2035, the essence of which media stated briefly: “the Rich more, the poor less”. Apparently, the local poor will serve large bills, and part of them shaved with a razor with the trimmer and after a Cologne Clive Christian, will go into the category of the rich. Then they will serve the poor visitors who had moved to Voronezh from the regions where strategy development was delayed.

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Information portal “Obozrevatel.vrn” reasonable notice that in 2035 in the Voronezh region will probably be another Governor, and no one will answer for what the people were promised in 2017. No one now remembers what philanthropic program then took before.

Well, of course. In 2035-m in Voronezh will take a regional program of prosperity until 2065, that will not prevent the country continue to walk toward the dawn. And in the 65th in our consistent progress are unlikely to change. Well, except that the front of the column will go finally elected President Ksenia Sobchak, and instead of the nuclear suitcase for her to carry nuclear beautician.

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