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OLO – the future of blood diagnostics is already here

Every day, millions of doctors have postponed the appointment of medical treatment due to the lack of immediate and accurate result of the blood test. The company Sight change this reality. The OLO device, developed by Sight, allows doctors to diagnose blood during the first visit, without leaving the office.

The developers have used the technology of machine vision and artificial intelligence, which ultimately provided diagnostic accuracy results, which can only be obtained in the laboratory study. The device is simple to use for analysis just a few drops applied to a disposable plate, which is then placed in the OLO device.

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After introduction to the apparatus the sample is instantly analyzed with the help of special multi-channel microscope. The extreme precision of the image allows the Sight algorithms based on artificial intelligence techniques, to carefully differentiate the cells and also to reveal various anomalies.

Algorithm Sight was first used in 2012 for malaria, and has been successfully tested in more than 24 countries. The algorithm analyzes characteristics such as cell size, shape and intracellular morphology. OLO displays the results of laboratory quality after a few minutes. The results can also be printed or sent by email.

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History of OLO began two years ago with the submission of the Parasight – breakthrough diagnostic solutions for fast and accurate detection of malaria using digital fluorescence microscopy and computer vision algorithms. Health care providers have spent years looking for alternatives to manual microscopy, laborious method that requires trained personnel. Parasight offers accurate, economical and easy to use solution which provides superior diagnostic accuracy with minimal training and maintenance. Today Parasight sold to care providers in 24 countries of Asia, Africa and Europe, where it conducted more than 600,000 tests for malaria.

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