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Oilmen in Ugra — in the slums, Moscow — renovation

Нефтяники Югры — в трущобах, Москва — в реновации

In Ugra with new vigour sounded the theme of relocation of people from temporary housing, the so-called barns or carriage-towns. The instruction of the President Vladimir Putin on the settlement of the Foundation beam in KHMAO is delayed until 2020. Yugra government promises to provide the inhabitants of the shelters grants to purchase new housing, but not immediately and not for everyone.

Volumes slum woes

“There is nothing more permanent than temporary” — often think of the residents of the carriage-towns of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district well-known saying. It is no secret that thousands of gorcev live in makeshift houses with the 70-ies of the last century. We will remind, on June 15 in a straight line with Russian President beamed a resident of the town of Nyagan showed the head of state of your house — without sanitation, with brownish tap water and no heating. Residents Nyagan asked Vladimir Putin to recall them and to spur regional authorities to accept their housing emergency.

“In the state program “Housing” the money provided for these purposes. Including for 2017. But you must know the volume of this trouble,” — said Vladimir Putin nagaram.

Only the President has talked about emergency housing, which is Yugra really received the Finance and resettlement of the carriage-towns of the Khanty-Mansi Okrug Federal money not received — decided the problem through funding of the regional program on my own. And extent of the slums of trouble, as it turned out, was more than was drawn by municipalities for reporting to the County’s corridors of power. To a straight line with the President in Nyagan officially there were 20 car-formations. After complaining to the head of state appeared, as if out of thin air, another 15, almost twice as much. The activists of the popular front in KHMAO reported in April 2017, according to their calculations Pyt-Yakh — 1106 barns in Surgut — 405, in Nefteyugansk — about 1.5 thousand.

The correspondent of IA REGNUM in the press service of Nyagan explained that the problem of moving beams is solved, but slower than desired. First, not enough money, and secondly, there is some red tape because of the limitations of the district program, thirdly, because of legislative obstacles.

According to hall Nyagan, in September 2017 in the city is not settled 957 beams, which sheltered 2 879 people. On June 1, those figures were greater: 965 890 shelters for 2 people. In a city with a population of 57 thousand people. As you can see, “the van drove off,” but at minimum speed. For resettlement shelters in Nyagan, KHMAO government, requires at least 2 billion rubles, and across the Ugra — all 9 billion.

As for legal issues, it is necessary to consider that the carriage-towns appeared in Ugra during the active development of the Northern fields. Everything then was temporary. It was believed that life in trailers until construction of permanent houses. Ugra city began to acquire the five-story buildings, and then skyscrapers, but the accommodation for various reasons in the Soviet era managed to not get it all, and then people covered the privatization of “oil industry”, and then certainly no one has become should not.

Beams and other temporary structures for many years was not recognized as residential premises and therefore did not fall within the scope of programmes for the resettlement of emergency and dilapidated housing, has explained to the correspondent of IA REGNUM Deputy Governor of the Khanty Alexei Shipilov. The resettlement of the carriage-towns began in the last years, when at the request of the Governor Natalia Komarova appeared targeted programme on the elimination of beam Fund, and the concept of “beams” was worded as “fit for habitation building”, in law no such term as “beams” or “trailer”.

“From scratch was created a legal framework, an inventory of such Fund in each municipality. In the records generated by municipalities of the Autonomous Okrug on January 1, 2012, the district had 9 998 adapted for the accommodation of buildings, they are home to 10 of the 324 families. Until may 2017 the number adapted for the accommodation of buildings in Ugra decreased by 43.2%, in half of the municipalities of Ugra to date, no beams. Yugra government seeks to close the problem by 2020”, — explained the Deputy Governor to the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

In the municipalities, in the same Nyagan, note that the mechanism of the elimination of the beam-Foundation works on a cost-sharing 89% of funds for resettlement shelters provides regional budget and 11% of the funds invested by the municipality. The norm of providing the total area of residential premises in the resettlement barns: 33 square meters for a family consisting of one person; 42 sq. m total — for two people; 18 sq. metres on each member of the family, consisting of three or more people.

There is another important point. Who is registered in the beams prior to 1995, the apartments receive a free, written between 1995 and 2012 pay 30% of the cost. Those who do not have residence in makeshift, should independently solve their housing problems: there are families in KHMAO about 10%. Restrictions on the registration arose from the cunning businessmen who after the emergence of the regional program began EN masse to buy the car-wreck for the sake of gratuitous square meters.

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White spots on a black background

Facts and figures say that the authorities HMAO tight, but systematically solve the problem of resettlement of beam Foundation. Meanwhile, here and now in Nyagan in makeshift real people live with children and rats mixed up. Which is clearly shown in the plot of foreign broadcasts “Real time”. Sore spot Ugra demonstrated vividly, brightly, knocks a tear. From the mouth of the inhabitants of the shelters heard stories of blatant hard-heartedness of the authorities, who do not hear the people. Recessie path off-road from one to the other saraiki — houses of the beams.

The other submission and not to be expected from a TV company from Czech Republic with residence in the United States. Russia clearly recalled that in the richest region, which produces more than half of domestic oil-nurse, producer of strategic raw materials and their children live in a harsh climate with a leaky roof and in trailers with rotten floors and walls.

But the density of colors of black slum life went from foreign cameras and expensive cars from barns, children with expensive tablets, the heroes of the story with iPhones in their hands, and the inhabitants of the shelters is not marginal. People with disabilities, pensioners and poor who, as one of the heroines of the plot, with two degrees, works as a storekeeper in a large oil company, but receives, according to her, the meager wages. Each beam allegedly drove the circumstances, and there is a certain lack of clarity. Through the thread of the story is the idea that people who are thirty years to build the infrastructure for oil production, deserve good housing conditions.

In addition, the creators of the acclaimed in Ugra roller acknowledged that after the direct line with Russian President Regency received letters of guarantee from city hall on subsidii for relocation from barns. But not without injustice in the lists of resettled not included children born after 2012. “Why?” — asks the heroine twice with University education. Ask the representatives of the city administration of Nyagan, neither she nor the authors of the plot did not bother.

As explained IA REGNUM in the government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district the government provides financial support only for the resettlement of people from the shed included in the register on 1 January 2012. The very elimination adapted for accommodation of structures is the authority of local governments. Local authorities define the procedure and conditions of resettlement shelters.

“With the financial capacity of the municipality shall have the right to expand the list of participants of municipal programs for the elimination and dispersal adapted for the accommodation of buildings at the expense of local budgets. For example, such practice is applied in the city of Surgut. To date, the government of the Autonomous district the possibility of providing financial assistance taking into account the newly born children of the city Nyagan”, — said the head of Department to ensure the openness of the authorities of the Department of public and external relations of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Galina Lipatova.

Renovation trillion on the backdrop of the slums of Ugra

How the point worked correspondents of foreign television can be judged by the reaction on social networks. On “YouTube” where on the plot a few thousand views and almost 800 comments, the opinions of the audience was divided:

“Waiting for something? Are adult men thirty-five years old and whine. The roof they can’t fix, they should, you know. A basin of water wear, and the roof patch. This is how”.

“It’s all bad, of course, the government should help them. But to me the whole plot was tormented by one question: why, living in such terrible conditions, to give birth to children like a conveyor belt? All of the residents of these trailers of 2-3 children and some even grandchildren. Why they force their children to live in the same conditions? The money going to children, could be spent on a mortgage payment and not wait for help from the state.”

“Dear jeep in the yard, and rotten live — it is clear that poor. And in Europe, someone gives certificates for free housing?”

“Officials living in luxury, dispose of the Treasury from his master’s shoulder forgive the debts of other countries in the tens of billions $$ !!! And at this time in Moscow, the renovation of the fouled a few trillion rubles, almost brand new five-story building will be demolished, and there are people in barrels mold rot resembles a feast during the plague”

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“Conventional new construction trailer is 50 000 rubles, warmed for 10 thousand more. Question to the Studio: “Why are these people not able to buy a couple of wagons, if they have no money for an apartment?”

“In France migrants from Africa and Asia who left their countries for a rich life, staged wild riots and rallies, demanding good living conditions. And they lived in better conditions than these oilers. Besides, had not in France a residence permit. It turns out that illiterate migrants are smarter than oil with a higher education?”

Some comments to the film it’s hard not to agree. Indeed, to start a renovation in Moscow over 3.5 trillion rubles, when in the forge of petrodollars to Russia to seek out billions to eliminate slums — the absurdity of our current life. The budget of Ugra for 2017 is 178 billion 090 million rubles. Expenditure 195 billion 541 million rubles. Despite the fact that the County produces more than half of all Russian oil.

And when grumbles, like, you need to get a mortgage and buy-to build an apartment, it would be necessary to ask the deceived shareholders of Langepas and Surgut or Nizhnevartovsk what they did to their children do not live in the carriage-towns? Today, problems with the completion of construction of residential houses is also in Nefteyugansk and Oktyabrsky district, Khanty-Mansi. At the beginning of September 2017, the total number of defrauded investors in Ugra is 116 people in eight properties under construction. It is officially recognized cheated, when developers ran away, went bankrupt, construction on hold. And how many are still waiting and believe that a protracted construction ever end?

And recall, defrauded real estate investors of Langepas got a criminal case against the Builder, but the construction of 30-apartment three-storey house is still frozen. People go to rallies with the demand of housing, not landings unscrupulous construction contractors.

And as for illegal migrants, in the same Surgut hide them in warm and dry basements of apartment buildings or gardening associations, but not in the collapsed beams, about IA REGNUM reported. And like it or not and no sympathy to the residents of Ugra shed, but we have to admit: people are living in hellish conditions for the free meters.

“The resettlement of vagonobudivnyi is a priority”

On the question of the work done on the resettlement of the carriage-towns after the direct line with President of the Russian Federation, the government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district correspondent of news Agency REGNUM said that the district Governor Natalia Komarova placed high priority on reducing the period of liquidation of the barns. Only in 2017 municipalities distributed 2 billion 434,2 million rubles for the resettlement of families 1020.

“In the implementation of the event involved 11 municipalities of the Autonomous district on the territory of which are currently fitted to the structure. The complete elimination of buildings is planned in 2017 in October, Soviet and Surgut districts. The town of Nyagan received a tranche of 350 million rubles, I will sow until the end of 2017 residents of the three vagonobudivnyi. Budget subsidy for the purchase of apartments before the end of the year will receive 147 families,” said Galina Lipatova.

As you can see, the problem of resettlement shelters in KHMAO is not straightforward and raises a number of questions that it is difficult to find the answers, because to solve them we had before, in the fat years of high oil prices. Because people live in Ugra slums for thirty years, but the regional program of resettlement of the carriage-towns appeared only in 2012, and the Federal funding she secured.

“Whatever it was, to live in such conditions people do not have. It’s embarrassing, painful and unfair for people who all of his life, despite the harsh climate of Yugra and Spartan living conditions in Western Siberia, extract oil, build homes, roads, hospitals, schools, kindergartens in KHMAO — Ugra says the political scientist Alexander Lobov. — Yes, not all of them were lucky to obtain their housing from the state, and not all had and have the opportunity to buy it now. Therefore one of the priorities of municipal, County government and personally the Governor of the Autonomous Okrug Natalia Komarova I see in the implementation of state obligations to provide housing for this category of citizens. It is important that the spelling in the question have repeatedly pointed out the head of the autonomy Vladimir Putin. Never heard from the Governor of KHMAO words about the defect towards the elimination of shelters”.

And rhetorically against this background, in asking why the region, where the oil is extracted, there is no money for resettlement of people from the slums, but in Moscow, where distribute the proceeds from the sale of oil, people are forcibly evicted from their apartments, spending trillions of rubles and calling it a renovation.


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