Tuesday , November 21 2017
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Oil will cost $100 per barrel?


Academicians of RAS is very optimistic about the possibility of “black gold”: oil price will soar to hundreds of dollars per barrel. Experts told reporters that is behind such a positive forecast. Difficulties to achieve such a high price, there are many, however, there are certain reasons why the forecast …

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Squabbling in OPEC brought Russia


  Oil is cheaper due to uncertainty ahead of the OPEC meeting in Vienna Aleksey Topalov Leonhard Foeger/Reuters OPEC offers to cut oil production by all its members, except Nigeria and Libya. This angered Iran and Iraq, which are among the largest producers of OPEC. They say that they may …

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Oil fell after fruitless negotiations OPEC


The oil market returned to decline on Tuesday, losing all growth in the first half of the day. Compared to the morning values the main reference varieties of “black gold” have become cheaper by 2%. At 20.25 GMT Brent on London exchange ICE Brent crude palate to 0.78 percent from …

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The United States will replace Saudi oil in Russian?


Many years States buy substantial volume of “black gold” from Saudi Arabia, preferring not to lean on Russian oil imports. However, the situation may change dramatically. Forbes explained why the United States is more profitable to buy oil in Russia. Many experts, according to Forbes, believe that Washington now has …

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NAFTA and the tramp. The time of protectionism?


  Position elected President of the USA of Donald trump on the issue of trade and economic relations with other States can be expressed in one word – protectionism. This implies an increase in import duties, the rejection of multilateral agreements providing for further liberalization of trade and economic relations, …

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Grey Kremlin. And oil around the head…


One of the biggest problems of modern Russia can be roughly stated as: external view of the Kremlin does not correspond to its internal content. Outside the Kremlin is red, and inside it is grey. Sit in the Kremlin, not white, not red and even are black. Sitting in the …

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Ukraine failed to transit gas, the United States won oil reserves


Yesterday Novak announced the possible trilateral negotiations between Russia, EU and Ukraine on the subject of gas transit. The problem of security of gas almost guaranteed Europe, if Ukraine will come severe frosts. The problem is that the transit country knew in advance that commits the fault of gas in …

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