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Oh sport you are peace. What has become of the Olympic movement

О спорт ты мир. Во что превратилось олимпийское движение

Try in the search engine type “Benefits of sports”, or “Why you need sports or some sort of similar question — just pop a bunch of links, most, different words will be written, in principle, one and the same — the benefits of physical activity for health, education and strengthening of will, etc., etc.


The second query in a search engine – “Olympic movement”, “Olympic games” – was found to be too much information. A lot can be read about the Olympic movement, the Charter, the principles of the IOC….. Be sure to be mention about Quartana, about his great ideas and their embodiment in the form of modern Olympism.


But for some reason, few people make the next step begins to compare what is proposed by Coubertin, which should serve and benefit the people and society what has become of that idea right now.


Will try to match, will start as they said in Latin “ab ovo” (“egg”, I mean from the beginning):


November 25, 1892, in the ceremonial hall of the University of Paris, Sorbonne, Coubertin gave his famous lecture “the Olympic Renaissance.” It was then that he said: “we Need to make the sport international, need to revive the Olympic games!”.

On 23 June 1894 in Paris hosted the Founding Congress of the world meeting of supporters of the Olympic movement. Delegates from 12 countries unanimously adopted the decision on revival of the Olympic games. The Congress adopted the basic document which sets out the goals and objectives of the Olympic movement, rules of conduct and the program of the Olympic games, the rights and obligations of members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), its relationship with national and international sports organizations. This document called the Olympic Charter.

It is argued that the main provisions of the Charter remained intact. Is it really so? Check, compare “What was offered?”, “What happened?” and vote “Happened?”.



  • PROPOSED: the Main idea Kuberten to reform existed in that period the system of education and upbringing based on the ideals of humanism: a holistic all – round and harmonious development of the personality, peace, friendship, understanding, mutual respect
  • </ol>

    LEFT: the System of mass education has nothing to do with the Olympic movement.

    Result: the Plan is not implemented, the goal is not achieved.



  • OFFERED: Motto: “Sublime spirit in a healthy body”, the principle that “no matter How desirable — athlete Olympian victory and setting the record, he should not strive for it at any price”,”Thrice sweet victory in a noble, fair competition, Sport is the world!”, “The main thing is not to win, the main thing is to participate”…
  • </ol>

    LEFT: amid the scandals of tolerance, courts, infighting functionaries from sports, performance enhancing drugs, the details of the urine of athletes (well, on TV not even show poop, yellow liquid almost every day in the news you can see — I guess people like it) about the LOFTY SPIRIT and NOBLE STRUGGLE and, needless to say, there are few areas of human activity with the amount of mud and meanness as in the international Olympic movement.

    Result: the Plan is not implemented, the goal is not achieved.



  • PROPOSED: the Goal of the Olympic movement is the development of sport at the service of the harmonious development of man to contribute to the creation of a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.
  • </ol>

    LEFT: ABOUT a harmonious development can be discussed in modern sport. For “professional athletes” injuries, poor health, crippled psyche. For the audience — the psychosis of fans, a painful desire for entertainment, desire to win “their” at any cost. By the way “their” athletes are absolutely conditional concept (e.g. Victor Academy of Sciences (to Dec 2011 — Ahn Hyun-soo (안현수)) is definitely our?, and Guilherme (Guilherme) Alvim (Alvin) Marinato, or Mario Figueira Fernandes – too?). What you need plebs? – bread and circuses. Fans, pumping loud slogans, making it impossible to comprehend what they are actually paying their money and whom to support – Russia or, for example Brazil, or Nigeria, or … – who knows where their money goes, in fact, lowered to the level of dairy cattle.

    Result: the Plan is not implemented, the goal is not achieved.



  • PROPOSED: to Introduce a strict definition of “Amateur”. The money was to be used only for the organization, construction and celebrations.
  • </ol>

    LEFT: “Lovers” among the current so-called “Olympians” is not there, all are competing for money. In fact, the modern “Olympic games” – an event focused solely on money and advertising. Elk Franke wrote “Those who follow reports about the scandals, which are abundant in modern sports which are, of course, only the tip of the iceberg, recognize that the future of the sport Veblen foresaw rather than Coubertin. Endless doping fraud, violence at football matches, but they can turn mass killings or injuries, IOC, is rather not a Council of the priests of the world sport, how much Sobranie cynical dealers, total oblivion of the idea of peace and unity during the cold war, when sport became an instrument of struggle between political systems – these examples suffice to conclude: today only idealistically-minded dreamers can, echoing Coubertin, to claim that the modern Olympic movement – not the market, and the temple”

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    Result: the Plan is not implemented, the goal is not achieved.



  • OFFERED: Coubertin believed that the new system of education in the foreground must not be any sports, and sports “educational”. To the sport to fulfil its educational function, it, according to Kuberten, you need to “Refine”. In many publications he has discussed this issue, and to avoid the negative impact of sports on personality and social relationships, the use of his anti-humanitarian purposes, has also proposed a number of measures: to prohibit the holding of sports competitions for cash prizes; failure of municipalities from the construction of large stadiums, designed specifically for sports “show,” stadiums are built according to the modernized plan of the ancient Greek gymnasiet; not to turn into a spectacle of competition involving athletes under the age of 16.
  • </ol>

    LEFT: the opposite happened (see previous paragraph).

    Result: the Plan is not implemented, the goal is not achieved.



  • PROPOSED: Focusing on humanistic ideals, Coubertin argues in his works that man should be free from dogma, he should be provided with equality and dignity. All sports need to be considered on the basis of equality.
  • </ol>

    LEFT: Competition is over, now competing doctors, pharmacists, manufacturers of sports equipment, chemists, and officials – who will be able to master more money.

    Result: the Plan is not implemented, the goal is not achieved.



  • OFFERED: Coubertin warned: “In the near future we are waiting for the appearance of the disgusting clan of professional athletes that will distort the very idea of sports, monopolizing them and turn into a kind of puppet theater.” and tried to deal with this final.
  • </ol>

    RELEASED: Lost.

    Result: the Plan is not implemented, the goal is not achieved.


    Preliminary result – disgusting clan of professional athletes with low social responsibility is generated, the sport has completely turned into a puppet, the idea of Olympism is perverted and is not benefit, but harm. Olympic and other international and national competitions not only have no positive, but rather awaken in people the worst and basest instincts.


    There will be appropriate to quote some very revealing numbers:

    In 2016 on the physical culture of the Russian Federal budget spent 5.7 billion rubles + 4.7 mass sport + 0.3 applied research in the field of physical culture and sports + 1,1 (other issues in this area, I don’t know what, but let’s think good) = 11.8 billion rubles.

    In the same 2016 sports of the highest achievements of the Federal budget spent 47,9 billion rubles (from 59,6 spent on physical education and sport).

    Accent: in 2016 of the Federal authorities on the content of “disgusting clan of professional athletes”, “puppet theatre”, parasites and in gentlemen with “low social responsibility” are willing to sell their services to anyone who will pay (as shown by the constant change of the “athletes” citizenship, willingness to serve under any flag, even white, to endure any humiliation just to earn some money) was spent on 36 billion rubles, that is 4 times more than on education, the harmonious development of ALL citizens of Russia (in total than all that what is so fond of saying when talking about sports and the benefits that sport brings).

    But it is Federal, look at the consolidated budget, there may be a picture please? Total expenditure on physical culture and sports 262,3 billion rubles, of which the physical culture of the Russian Federation spent 59.1 billion rubles + 41,1 mass sport + 29.2 other (???) + 0,3 other (???) target = 129,7 billion rubles – this is all useful (and not) the cost of school sports, children’s competitions, sports and events and everything …. And the “disgusting clan” with a “low social responsibility” – 132,5 billion (nearly 3 billion more, remember $ 3 billion is as much as our “God Forgive me, Prime Minister” (hereinafter GWP) contributed to the increase in the pension in 2018 for ALL pensioners in Russia.

    It is clear that not all expenditures on the article “elite Sport” is harmful, as not all costs in other items rational and useful, but the overall ratio, it seems to me, illustrates right and speaks for itself.

    But that’s not all, there are sports clubs, they have their own budgets and it’s interesting that none of the Russian clubs does not pay off. And what do they live? Yes, the money sponsors of course!!! And who do we have sponsors? The oligarchs (who lives at the expense of appropriation of Russian resources) and state corporations (oddly enough earning the same). To be honest, in fact it is again the money that is “disgusting clan” with a “low social responsibility” pulls from Russia.

    How much money are we talking? It’s hard to say for sure, but the scale can be understood on the example (assume the richest sports – football clubs, and of course not forgetting about hockey, basketball, etc.). Russian football clubs in 2016 has spent $ 114.1 million on transfers. Counting for 59 rubles for$ 1 is roughly 6.7 billion rubles – to a common scale is clear. For those who don’t know I will explain to 6.7 billion rubles spent on the purchase of (mostly abroad) of chronologic raise the level of Russian football clubs to such incredible heights that the best representatives of these clubs were able to bring the Russian team into the honorable and prestigious, as many as 65 in the world.

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    The question – do we need it? And then the second and third questions (traditional in Russia) Who is to blame? What to do?

    To the first question, answer yourself, on the second the Internet is responsible – beetles, ESPN, and other sports officials (although really I think that any Minister must answer the eldest in their band of the GWP personally).

    The third question is not a short answer, although some measures are obvious:




  • In accordance with the OLYMPIC IDEALS to allow the state, affiliated with government agencies and private companies associated with the development of natural resources to support only Amateur mass sport. As a result, the costs have increase substantially (maybe even more than 2 times). There is hope that the number of citizens (especially children) involved in sports, improving health, educating yourself will, character, etc. will rise significantly, every school can open more sports clubs for children and adults, FREE gymnastics, games (football, volleyball, tennis, ….), gym and other sports facilities, organize sports events and much more…
  • If the athlete has achieved good results and feels that he wants and can make a living at it – he goes into the category of “professionals”. However, he begins to speak at the event, where the win pay prize money (which by the way should be paid higher taxes), working in PRIVATE sports clubs (in Russia or not doesn’t matter, the money, in this case, will not have a home) and respectively all costs for equipment, training, travel, and so on bears.
  • Withdraw from ALL international sports bodies.
  • To disband the Russian branch of the IOC and other international sports associations, stop squandering money on the “sport” of bureaucrats and functionaries.
  • To stop developing exotic and expensive types of sport, such as competition cleaners (Curling) or tolerant synchronized swimming mixed composition.
  • For each sport organize your competition with new, fair rules aimed to win the strongest Amateur athletes, not sporty thieves (for example, competition skiers – all run in the same gear, ski from one manufacturer, with one and the same ointment, in the end the best result would be the strongest athlete and not the firms earning on the ski, form, ointments, and …). By the way, for the right to equip athletes for a specific competition, you can declare an open competition that (probably) will greatly reduce costs for the organization. To award medals and cups, diplomas and certificates, and NO cash reward, then and spoil the health of doping would not make sense about the anti-doping committees, audits and depots with strategic stocks of urine will be forgotten.
  • Commercial competition “professional athletes” to conduct exclusively through private sports clubs and businessmen not affiliated with the state and not related to natural resources. Broadcast commercial competition on commercial sports channels, a total ban on channels funded (or partially funded) by the state for the purchase of the rights of broadcasting commercial sports show (“competition”).
  • </ol>




  • For the state – the rise of mass sports, improve the health of the nation.
  • For the fans – the opportunity to cheer for any team with your favorite Russian athletes, and proud of them deservedly so, knowing that these athletes earn for yourself and not take the children’s crumbs and other groups.
  • For citizens – facilitation of access to sport, improving health, increasing quality and life expectancy and many other similar +++.
  • </ol>


    And last – to go or not to go? My position is clear, not just to go, and generally good to refuse participation in all of these shows, but it is clear that “disgusting clan” with a “low social responsibility” of course go, they are $ not only their Homeland, they would sell his own mother. I would like to GWP finally remembered that he is the head of the Russian government, or the President would think of national pride and has banned all broadcast and news about this disgusting “the theatre of marionettes”.


    If You have read this opus, any objections or suggestions I would like to hear them and discuss. And if you have an idea how to influence the GWP of the President to make specific decisions something twice and would love to hear and discuss, and even better – to IMPLEMENT.


    Whereupon goodbye, I hope what was written helped to look at the problem from a new angle, led to fresh ideas that were approved and allowed to formulate additional arguments or reasoned objections.

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