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Nutritionists suggested how to lose weight for the New year

Диетологи подсказали, как похудеть к Новому годуThe most important holiday of the year is not so distant as it seems, so it’s time to think about her figure.

Women fundamentally decide to lose weight twice a year – before the New year and the beginning of beach season. These are the two main of the season to lose weight when women are willing to do anything to become slim and attractive. Most of the dieters reach your goals and new year’s eve Shine head-on skinny legs, but the waist of a wasp. Some never achieve the results that have dreamed of since the fall.

Nutritionists advise not to use extreme methods of weight loss, so start taking care of myself and to drop unwanted pounds should already today. Thus the women will be as much as 2.5 months for which it will be able to lose weight without harm to their health.

The main disadvantage of Express diets that give great results in a short period of time, is that the dropped pounds come back very quickly, both in General and reset. Therefore, in order to get in shape for the New year, it is illogical to choose a diet from the category “Express”.

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How to lose weight for the New year – advice from professional nutritionists:

1. To make a menu for the week ahead and stick to it. Naturally, the diet losing weight person should not be alcoholic beverages, fast food, soda, meats, sweets and other harmful foods. Food should be balanced, the products must be fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and vitamins and useful minerals.

2. Each meal need to organize at the same time. That is, to Breakfast at 7am, lunch must have been 10:00, lunch 13:00, afternoon tea may take place in 16 hours, and dinner is closer to 20:00.

3. Before bedtime drink a glass of kefir or ginger drink, prepared with slices of lemon and a slice of grated on a coarse grater ginger root.

4. Daily to do exercises in the morning. Outdoors or at home — is irrelevant.

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5. To take a contrast shower. This procedure will make sure that your skin is not limp after weight loss. Preferably after a shower to moisturize and nourish the body with good cream or olive oil.

6. After work or school you need to Hiking. Just a 20-30 minute walk at a moderate pace will be enough to drop or keep your weight.

7. Hold wet cleaning in the apartment or house every day. Even if you are very tired and no strength to get up off the couch, stand up and force yourself to wipe the dust from the furniture (even if it’s not visible, actually it is there), vacuum and wash floors. On average, this lesson should take 1 hour of time — a good alternative to exercising in the gym, and especially for those who do not have the opportunity to visit it.

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