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Not to leave the house and not look out of the Windows: as a campus is being prepared for Putin’s arrival

Не выходить из дома и не выглядывать из окон: как Академгородок готовят к приезду Путина

Thursday, February 8, to Novosibirsk there comes the President Vladimir Putin. The precise plan of actions has been kept secret, but we know that the President will hold several meetings with scientists. The inhabitants of Academgorodok have given instructions how to behave in this day.

Police bypasses the apartments, which overlook the main roads and asking residents to remain home and not to look in the window. In addition, the city took bold advertising posters, replacing them with more modest. And the streets and yards, according to residents, as well has not been cleaned ever. How to prepare for the visit of the President in Novosibirsk — NGS material.CURRENT EVENTS.

Vladimir Putin in Novosibirsk on 8 February. On 31 January this information was confirmed by the acting Governor Andrei Travnikov. The exact plan of events he did not disclose, but we already know that preparing for the arrival of Akademgorodok. According to TASS, on Thursday Putin will hold a meeting of the Council for science and education. The President will visit the laboratory of the Institute of nuclear physics. G. I. Budker and will meet with scientists of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As reported TASS, Putin will award the President’s prize in science and innovation for young scientists for the year 2017.

The President arrives in Novosibirsk for the seventh time, the first time he visited the city in 2000, at the beginning of his presidential career.

Putin waited in October for the opening of the multimedia Park “Russia — My story”. Prepare in advance. Then the residents of the hostel № 3 of the military camp in the Oktyabrsky district even obliged to clean the Windows, remove the Windows have mosquito nets and solar films. Otherwise, he threatened to hang the banner building.

This time, the residents of Akademgorodok is also started in advance to prepare for the visit first-person — residents of the apartments, which overlook the main highway, called for the police.

“About three or four people at one entrance, that is, the man on the floor, — said the resident of the house on the seafront and Sergei Demidov. — They first ask, do we know that the President’s coming. And take the data — the names and initials of tenants, the apartment number. Said that it’s advisable to stay home and not to look out of the Windows. I said how much I do not know? I evasively said that during the day”.

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According to him, the police also climbed on the roof and tried to open it, “because, apparently, the roof is also vulnerable zone”.

Also, residents of homes Akademgorodok told NGS.NEWS that from the 6th of February, they closed the basement. “When they (police. — A. B.) went the door to the basement was sealed. To open it will not. I understand this is a security measure. And as the house garbage disposal, it is fraught with all sorts of unpleasant things. Until you remove that typo, junk in our basement to make will not, garbage is also not be cleaned,” complained a resident of the house on the seafront and Irina A.

In addition to the safety instructions for the arrival of Putin care about the moral character of the campus. One of the representatives of the Novosibirsk show business on condition of anonymity, said that at the House of scientists of SB RAS on the seafront and changed the posters for upcoming concerts.

“At the entrance was advertising a show “in the rain” and is a concert Silenzium. The first is men with bare torsos, the other girls are a demonic species. Replaced by other posters. There is, of course, no crime. Just put more respectable, — the interlocutor told. — Putin arrives, naked body clean. When I asked friends why [did] I said: “Putin.” And I didn’t hear you. Asked: “Tikhon?”(Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon. — A. B.). I thought, well, you never know, the priest goes, of course, the priest should”.

In addition, according to his observations, to the President’s arrival changed the appearance of the theater Mayakovsky, as well as it did before Christmas. “Before the New year he (the cinema. — A. B.) ennobled, when all the red was covered. It was announced that kingiidee Santa Claus. And then, after the New year, again hung these posters, he shared his observations. Today I go by Mayakovsky, look, again something beautiful made. But it’s for a couple of days, until then Putin”.

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Discussion the most frequent users of social networks concerning Putin’s arrival, associated with the cleaning of the streets. Correspondents NGS.NEWS visited the campus February 6 — the streets were a little harvesting machinery, Prospekt Lavrentyev and Koptyug Avenue was cleaned. However, a heap of snow (judging by its white shade) recently appeared in the yards in the neighborhood.

However, the residents of Akademgorodok, which have something to compare, wonder about the quality of snow removal. “There’s not just clean, but picking something from the beginning of winter did not touch, — said a resident of Akademgorodok. — I look at the courtyards, Upper zone. There are clearing very seriously. We fell asleep, which was never all sand-salt mixture to such an extent that it does not fray, in my opinion, just everywhere. We went for a walk yesterday with the dog, met some abyss of these housing staff in uniform. There was a feeling that half the people on the street is they are.”

Today it is also confirmed by the chief of the landscaping Yuriy Serdyuk, said bluntly that the roads in the Soviet area in perfect for winter condition. For this power even temporarily was sent to the campus road equipment from other areas.

Even if the snow on this day will disappear from the roads, in principle, can freely pass the question. The city’s residents already know that in the day of Putin’s arrival it is better to leave the car at home as there is a great chance to spend half a day in many kilometers of traffic jams. So it was in 2013 when Putin visited the plant. Chkalov’s.

Today, February 7, Putin works in Krasnoyarsk. According to the NHS.Krasnoyarsk, at noon, the trucks were forbidden to travel around the city, and at the entrance to the regional center was a huge traffic jam of trucks.

Whether in Novosibirsk to block traffic in connection with Putin’s visit is still unknown — as reported in the state traffic Inspectorate, while the official orders and no one gave.


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