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No money, and we get richer

Денег нет, а мы становимся богаче

Labour Minister Topilin says that raised commensurate with work experience and incomes are growing by leaps and bounds

Life is better, richer. Unemployment almost won, well-being day by day increase. Revenues are growing just at an unprecedented rate!.. If someone thought that we are talking about some overseas state of wonder, he is mistaken. No, this is about us, the Russians. And not those who are clothed with the power or close to it, what a long time is not surprising. But the most that neither is ordinary citizens.

This is us — the teachers, doctors, engineers, salesmen, cleaners, road workers, guards, — real wage “has increased over three or four months of this year by almost 10%, which was not since the beginning of 2000-ies”. We almost bathe in money…

At least so says the Minister of labour of the Russian Federation Maxim Topilin. Last Wednesday, it all over the country voiced their conclusions (which are, apparently, and the terminal of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev — could not the Minister do not agree on them with the boss!), typing compatriots in a stupor.

Wages, according to Mr Topilin, is expected to increase parallel to age and work experience. Therefore, according to him, government intended to improve the timing of the retirement to 63 years for women and 65 for men.

“People will certainly be more to work and earn big salaries,” — he says. Immediately, however, specifies: “we Have now observed a sharp decline in the population of working age. The imbalance in the labour market”. So this is the main cause of the so-called pension reform and not the “longevity” of citizens, preserving alleged in the mass, and after 60 years of strength and health?

Following the statement Topilin “on incomes of Russians”, their statistics are published by Rosstat. Its head Alexander Surinov, unlike the Minister of labour, specific: “the Ratio between average income ten percent of the richest ten percent and the poorest — kept at the same level. In 2015, 15.7%; in 2016 15.5% in 2017, according to preliminary estimates, at 15.3 times.” In other words, years are running, but nothing changes.

That is, some continue to prosper, while others with the same success poorer. That, it seems, did not bother the Minister Topilin. He has his own explanation why the real income of Russians is continuously falling, while wages are rising. “This is due to the reduction of the shadow economy, illegal employment,” he says.

One contradiction of the officials pulls the other. “Today, incomes are the main limitation for the development of the demand and, consequently, sustained economic growth”, — said Vice-Premier Olga Golodets. By the way, in September 2017, the Ministry of economic development had forecast the growth of real incomes of the population in that year was 1.3%. But these forecasts did not materialize.

With statistics, it is known, do not argue. But maybe she “failed”, unable to withstand stress from expectations protracted obviously we have the “economic miracle”? And optimistic statements by the veteran Minister Topilin (in power in various positions he’s since 1994) is real? The correspondent of “SP” has asked about the earnings of those who called we rank and file workers.

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— What kind of welfare are you talking about? It’s funny, upon my word, I heard from Oksana Blackfire, leader of the St. Petersburg district policlinics. The matter is to hear the statements of the Ministry of health that the doctors “today is a very good salary, the national average 60 thousand rubles.” You know, the average temperature in the hospital. For the whole of Russia will not say, as we have in the city to receive monthly hands on at least 55 thousand roubles, it is necessary to work for half, or even two bets.

That, in fact, many doctors do. And not only doctors and nurses too. Which, of course, can not but affect patients in many medical facilities, in accordance with regulations of officials of each fit is almost impossible. Well, except that viewing suffering in a purely formal manner. Hence the endless queues, the people’s discontent…

— On average 60 thousand a month I earn, Yes, — answered Mikhail S., a truck driver, an individual entrepreneur. — One third of them goes then to the payment of taxes, self-imposed, as a rule, fines, which all the more with the advent of the “Plato” as well as on petrol, oil rising in price in our country by leaps and bounds. I Have two children, the youngest still a preschooler, the wife does not work because there is no one to look after them. That “cool” remains.

My wife almost thirty years working as a teacher in vocational schools, that is, in College, as it is now called, says Stanislav Petrovich jesters, retired. — Teaches two foreign languages — English and German. In recent years, part-time, optional. Her superiors said that “our graduates in foreign languages are not necessary.”

Gets not believe the 8500 rubles per month. Plus 12,5 thousand pension. Would like to get a summer guide for tourists, thanks to the football championship, now missing, did not take “age”. And and here age if she’s cheerful, energetic, languages he speaks fluently and has so much to tell about the city — young and never dreamed of!

I have a pension about the same. In the amount of about 30 thousand. They need to manage to pay for housing and utilities, medicines, food, and more to help children. Both have higher education, but are forced to work not on a speciality.

And you got me talking about Ministers asking whether they are there, we counted. They have does matter to ordinary Russians? They, apparently, and the average salary in the country is calculated on the basis of their weak salaries. Sometimes it seems that we are living in different countries. More precisely, the worlds…

It’s hard not to agree, getting acquainted with a Ministerial salary. At the end of last year for the first time (honored!) voiced our White house. The same Maxim Topilin earned in 2017 “only” 5.928.655 RUB compared to job income of Anton Siluanov, the Russian in charge of the Treasury (more than half a million rubles a month), of course, penny. But also from non-governmental workaholic-workers Oh, how far!

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In the autumn of last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended a 10% decrease of wages of higher public officials, including himself (he, incidentally, earned in 2016 8.8 million rubles). As they say, Ministers this mosquito bite is not even noticed…

To discuss the problem agreed Anatoly Bajan, head of economic research Department of the Institute of Europe RAS.

— Our officials too much of a hurry to submit in advance — a reality. If you really will set a high threshold of retirement, as stated, a large number of our fellow citizens can remain unemployed. There spoke to Prime Minister Medvedev on the creation of jobs for those “over…”, by themselves they do not create, the necessary conditions for this.

Namely, the purposeful work of the government on the modernization of production. And this is not happening. As for the “welfare”, it is generally pure water, sorry, a bluff. Real incomes fell sharply after 2014. First of all, because of the soaring prices to all — energy, utility services, products, goods. Yes, now as if it was some alignment between revenues and spending. Small but the population is almost palpable.

You say, pension reform may impact negatively on the Russians, but what about those European countries where it already operates?

In Europe the standard of living of the people is much higher than ours. In addition, virtually all who worked and are working, there are savings. Well protected, whether it is savings in the state or at a private Bank. We have private banks too. But the “hold” they are often not quite honest on hand, the citizens, to say, adventurers. What and burn out quickly with all of the collected capital.

— The eternal Russian question: what to do?

— To change economic policy! Our government is passionate about her intended reforms. But those based on the standard recommendations of the World Bank (the so-called third countries), and the tips of textbooks for students. That’s the trouble. Today’s Russia needs a completely different economic policy.

More active, with the use of Bank resources. What you want to change the credit policy directing funds to expand production. What mainly concerned our Ministers? The decrease in the level of inflation. Or the realization of some random “point” projects.

— Allude to the holding of our world Cup, the preparation of which has cost the country billions of rubles?

— About such mega-projects as the FIFA world Cup, the construction of Crimean bridge and some other, so to say. The same football championship has become a good incentive for other, smaller scale, initiatives. Even under conditions of passive economic policy, which prevails with us, it’s all the same result with the sign “plus”.

— It is known that, in preparation for the 2018 world Cup, the government put pressure on business, including banking, to forked…

— Yes, “included” the so-called manual control. This need to change the leadership style to move from it to the system. When banks are looking for important projects for the country, pay for their development, funding and implementation. System something, just not.

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