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No longer in charge.

Больше не главный.

Now John McCain is nostalgic of the days when the White house sat a black President, whom he accused of “erosion of the world order”.

America used to be a leader.

First, the leader of the “free world”, then, after the end of the cold war — leader of the world in General.

It could be like, and could irritate or even cause hatred. But the fact that instead of a bipolar world, where he clinched the US and the USSR, came the unipolar Pax Americana for a long time no one doubted. Now doubt that even the most staunch patriots of the United States. For example, the Republican Senator from Arizona John Sidney McCain.

John McCain angrily tells the journalists of the British newspaper The Guardian that under Obama the situation with the American leadership was better. The new US President Donald trump (of the same party John McCain!) just gets all confused and repelled by her American friends and allies.

In fact, The Guardian (quite left newspaper) referred to McCain is not just. The occasion was the scandal that broke out between trump and the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

It all started with the fact that London’s first Muslim mayor, speaking to reporters in connection with the terrorist attack in borough Market several times repeated sentence: “there is No reason to worry.” And trump, who already disliked the Khan (he once called the American President’s views on Islam “ignorant”), took and wrote on Twitter: “At least seven people were killed and 48 injured in the attack, and the mayor of London said: “there is No reason to worry!”

The press service Sadiq Khan snapped: “the mayor’s Words taken out of context”. But the next day there’s a new tweet: “the Pathetic excuses of the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who had to quickly think over his statement that “there is no reason to worry.” Mainstream media will have to work hard to sell it!”

Khan’s patience snapped.

“We must recognize that some people want to split us, some thrive, fueling the split. But I’m not like the London I know. We will not allow anyone to divide us, whether it be Donald trump or someone else,” said Khan. But that did not stop, but went further: spoke against us President’s visit to the UK. “I don’t think we need to deploy red carpet before the US President when his policies goes against everything what we are”.

This moment came on stage The Guardian, all his authority supported the mayor, a labour MP. She published an editorial demanding the withdrawal of the invitation to Trump. But at the same time appealed to a number of influential American politicians to comment on the foreign policy of Donald trump. McCain was among the first.

“What, in your opinion, is this message? (tweets trump addressed the Khan. — RT) — the newspaper quoted McCain. The message is that America does not want to be a leader… They (i.e. other countries) are not confident in American leadership, whether in Siberia or Antarctica”.

So — no more, no less. Why is McCain so sure in Siberia (not to mention desert Antarctica, where the work of a few scientific expeditions) until the arrival in the White house Donald trump were all piously believe in American leadership, is the interesting question, of course. But even more interesting is that on the direct question of British journalists whether the situation is more favorable for the United States during the Obama presidency, McCain replied: “with regard to American leadership, Yes!”

But recently, after the presidential elections, which were won by Donald trump, the Senator from Arizona in an interview with CNN openly accused the Obama that during his presidency the United States has ceased to play the role of a global leader, and this “has led to the emergence of signs of erosion of the world order”. Syria, where for some reason still remains in power, Bashar al-Assad, Russian hackers brazenly intervening in American politics, daring the Chinese are taking captured us unmanned submarine in international waters, — all this, from the point of view of McCain, testified that Obama has not coped with the assigned duties of the leader and the defender of the free world.

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But they were right ancient, claiming that the true nature of things is relative.

Now John McCain is nostalgic of the days when the White house sat a black President, whom he accused of “erosion of the world order”. The erosion of fear when knocking around the foundations of the universe and is bursting at the seams all of Pax Americana!

For example, McCain is an elderly person, with the sad experience of many years in a Vietnamese jail — can be too emotional. But former Deputy national security Advisor in the Obama administration, Ben Rhodes, the former in 2012, the chief speechwriter of the President, the character of the man is very discreet, and foreign-policy beliefs — realist school Brent Scowcroft. And The Guardian quotes him: “the United States is clearly not recognized by more traditional allies, a global leader… He (trump. — RT) did everything that these countries could not follow its agenda”. Rhodes recalls a recent visit to trump in Europe, during which he was forced to wonder US allies in NATO and angered members of the “Big seven”: “Traditionally, when we talk about high level meetings such as summits, NATO or G7 — the United States set the agenda. Now we not only don’t do that — we do not agree with the key pillars of Western foreign policy,” he explains.

Here we should give a little explanation. John McCain never liked Rhodes’s former boss Barack Obama.

This is not surprising: McCain is a Republican, Obama is Democrat, so much sympathy between them could not occur. McCain was Obama’s opponent in the 2008 election and, of course, during the election campaign talked about him more bad than good (although protected from the opponent’s overly harsh criticism of some of his supporters). After McCain lost the election, for some time there were rumors that Obama wants to establish a working relationship (Republican Senator Rick Santorum even called him “the ACE in the hole” Obama, suggesting that the new President uses the influence of McCain, to achieve bipartisan consensus). However, this plan came to nothing: Obama politely invited the unlucky competitor for dinner, but made it clear that the assistance of the Senator from Arizona does not need. McCain was offended — he just was willing to work with Obama — and for the next eight years of criticized him for almost every sneeze. He chided Obama for the fact that the President doesn’t want to help “free Ukraine” and even accused him of “senseless deaths of innocent Ukrainians”. Like, if Obama was more decisive and has put Kiev lethal weapons, the valiant soldiers of the Nazi dobrobatov quickly and without losses would have won the terrible Russian near Ilovaysk and Avdiyivka. In 2016, he said that Obama bears “direct responsibility” for the mass murder in a gay club Pulse in Orlando, because led troops from Iraq and created conditions for the rise of ISIS*.

But now the old critic of Obama, John McCain, a loyal supporter of Obama, Ben Rhodes agreed that the U.S. is losing global leadership (or already lost it) the result is “unpredictable” and “irresponsible” policy of the new President, Donald trump.

But what is this terrible policy?

That trump demands from European countries — members of NATO to increase their contributions to the organization’s budget? Or that during the Alliance’s summit in Brussels, he made the Europeans nervous, bypassing the question of the application of the 5th article of the NATO Charter? (Trump reaffirmed the Washington principles of the Charter later, during a press conference at the White house June 9). Or that refused to participate in the Paris climate agreement, which it considers to be the Scam against America?

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But such a policy is the most that neither is old-fashioned political realism. European countries really got used to the fact that they always pay US. Meanwhile, these countries, with some exceptions, it is not poor to bear the burden of their security they can themselves. Of course, article 5 — is sacred, but trump, like his fellow party newt Gingrich, believes that the U.S. should not get involved in third world war because of the “suburbs of Saint-Petersburg” (as Gingrich called Estonia). As for the Paris agreement, even if the scientists are right and global warming is not a myth, invented by the Chinese to destroy the industry of the United States, trump is far more concerned about creating new jobs in the rust-belt States and the opening of new coal mines, rather than climate Apocalypse, if that happens, it is certainly not in our lifetime.

Here’s something you don’t understand (maybe understand, but don’t want to accept) the opponents of the trump on the left and right — from McCain to Sadiq Khan.

They are all in varying degrees, idealists, and trump is a realist. He does not believe in political correctness, green energy and vegetarianism. He believes in common sense, in competition, in stiffness and in strength. And he likes to call a spade a spade. He believes that the US needs to get out of a bad economic and political agreements and rigidly defend our national interests.

And let his opponents think that this path will lead the country to a loss of global leadership. From the point of view of trump, it is precisely the opposite. He wants to return America to leadership, lost by his predecessors — Obama and Bush.

Maybe he will succeed. And maybe he hurt to do it, those who shout the loudest about the loss of leadership the United States today.

But the situation in the world today differs significantly from the beginning of 2000-ies, when Colin Powell shook menacingly at the UN with a vial of “irrefutable evidence” of the presence of weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein, and Bush Jr. with extraordinary ease started war on two fronts — in Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars have not brought America no glory, no significant advantages and largely undermined the authority of its armed forces, and at the same time showed the world the limits of the United States. Yes, the US is still the most powerful state, but they can no longer be the sole superpower. A new era in which the concept of “global leadership” loses its meaning. Anyway leadership will have to share. With China, which will become the first economy in the world. With Russia, which has the richest resources on the planet and are increasingly confident in defending their strategic interests. And with the EU, which in view of the changes of Washington’s foreign policy begins to try on clothes flagship liberal globalization.

The only alternative to the peace process, partition and distribution of leadership powers and competences in the new world — war. War is started by politicians obsessed with Messianic ideas (like Bush), or being under the influence of “aggressive humanists” (Obama). Donald trump is not an idealist and not a fanatic. The inherent common sense of a businessman and political realism will push him to avoid a military solution to the problem of leadership as possible. And here again in front of him opens up tremendous possibilities for cooperation with leaders of Russia and China, who have consistently opposed the escalation of military conflicts.

* Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL) — a terrorist group banned in Russia.

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