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New Russian invalids

In the fierce conflict enter the conscience and the wallet, always win the money, says RUSLANDYA. So it is in a situation with Parking spaces for people with disabilities.

Russia’s rapidly growing standard of living of persons with disabilities. You see only what the machine parked near of hypermarkets – very often the Gelandewagen, BMW, Lexus and Porsche. And all the icons on the “machine disabled”. Me tears of pride for our disabled, because not every office Manager in the country can afford any Mercedes or Volvo, but at least someone is doing well.

Новые русские инвалиды

Rampant disability we started about two years ago, when the traffic police has tightened the penalties for Parking in the Parking lots for the disabled. And, as always, when violent conflict is entering the conscience and the wallet always wins the loot.

Новые русские инвалиды

To solve this problem radically. Entering into the SDA a special sign – “Park where I want”. If parked with the sign – then no problem, no one will touch you, the towing company will not tow, the tow will not scratch. And there is no such indulgences from sins of a road – if you pay. The sign should be bright, eye-catching and discarding all the doubts – Yes, indeed, the owner of the car is entitled to Park anywhere he wants:
Новые русские инвалиды

But those who sign pinned, test at the same time also the compliance standards of tolerance – that is, to actually meet.

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