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Neutral flag

Нейтральный флаг

The rolls are small, but still a wave of indignation athletes, competing at the world Championships in athletics under the “neutral” flag and does not risk to get even a shred of the Russian.

This is a classic “false flag” when a sick head on healthy. But very comfortable flag because he bought.

 In reality we have before us a complete failure of the entire government policy in matters of sport.

And personally — you know, some of Putin’s friends, appointed on this basis. Well, even on the basis of loyalty in the matter of the distribution of flows in the right directions — all are still difficult to name the Russian sports poor relation after such monstrous spending, as Alemada, FIFA world Cup, the Universiade, and dozens of other competitions of a very decent level, which generously splashed money all tankers. It is clear that in the post, which is directly linked to the approval of such budgets should be a proven entity. It was his primary duty, and all the rest are accompanying a minor detail.

Privatized the state does not happen to others — it is in everything. Take any structure — it is included in the mafia turnover of theft. So before us is “state” — finished in its the bastard of the education system, where there is no normal piece, everything is under the control of Putin’s camarilla.

Once the main was cut, the result, which is provided by a heavy, long, boring and hard work, achieved a more simple way — with pills and other achievements of pharmacology. And to our dear partners buhteli, and broke them in a personal and very capacious pockets. The system worked like clockwork, but until then, until it was a political decision: insects of Russian. And from this picture of the ripped one and only link: stopped close eye on the total doping, as the Foundation of success. This was achieved in two ways — toughening doping control in the Russian athletes, as well as the indiscriminate repression in the address puffy from the envelope recipients of bribes from the sports-bureaucratic international environment. There the audience is fearful, a dozen demonstration killings happened, the others all understood and they began to avoid Russia like a leper. In the end, the trough collapsed. And the whole clan with her, in General, too.

Russian sports, almost devoid of normal bases (well, on what basis can you say if instead of building hundreds and thousands of sites, nursery schools, normal physical exercise are built of cyclopean buildings in single copies, to engage in which are either fabulously expensive or technically impossible), was focused only on “high achievement”, which was achieved by doping and bribery.

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And bulk purchase and naturalization of aliens. Of course, that we now have before us the ruins. Something warm, there are nuggets — but that’s just reflexive twitching of the limb of a corpse. At the same time, paradoxically, everything is in order. As it should be. No in nature and in the history of a single thief who, while continuing to steal, would build something. Factory, ship, house. He can only buy stolen. Then also stolen. Well, psychologically they are not able to build — it is not their.

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Sport in Russia is no different from any other industry — it also put the mafia, who immediately made him their manger. Everything else — the consequences. They can’t be different.

And athletes are already the most verhushechka goes to the bottom of the Titanic. Last few inches of deck above adjacent waters. It can be a claim, but again, it should be understood that there is your selection.

Sportsmen stimulated only one thing — money. Therefore, the selection of appropriate. With the prospect — will produce the result and we will be obedient will finish the days on a warm place in the Duma, or take the above in Goskomsanepidnadzor. They flag?

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