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Netflix surpassed HBO in the number of nominations of the award “Emmy”

Netflix обогнал HBO по количеству номинаций премии "Эмми"

In the United States announced the nominees for television award “Emmy” in 2018, the 70th anniversary ceremony which will be held on September 17 in the Theater “Microsoft” in Los Angeles.

This year for the first time in 18 years, the palm on the number of nominations does not belong to HBO. For the first time in the first place was the online cinema Netflix. From Netflix – 112 nominations, and HBO – 108.

And among the series and shows leading the TV series “Game of thrones” from HBO. According to the official website of the “Emmy”, he has 22 nominations, including main – “Best drama series”. We will remind, in the entire history of its existence, the series was honored with 38 awards “Emmy awards” in various categories.

In the key category of “Best drama series” also presented the project “Corona” (The Crown), the Americans (The Americans), “we” (This Is Us), “Very strange things” (Stranger Things), “the Wild West” (Westworld), “the handmaid’s Tale” (The Handmaid’s Tale).

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“World Wild West” and “the handmaid’s Tale” are also the leaders in nominations with 21 and 20 respectively. In 2017, the series “the handmaid’s Tale” won the most prestigious categories. It was withdrawn by order online cinema Hulu. Informed in General none of the shows that are these streaming services, has not won in the nomination the best of the series according to the “Emmy”.

The leaders are also of the series “Crown” produced by Netflix, which has 13 nominations. Several actors from “Game of thrones”, including Peter Dinklage, Nikolai Coster-Waldau and Lena heady, was nominated for the award for the performance of roles of the second plan. Just this series, the last eighth season, which will be released next year, received a total of 38 Emmy awards since its premiere seven years ago.

Best Comedy TV series can be this time named the following projects: “Atlanta” (Atlanta), “Barry” (Barry), “Black Comedy” (Black-ish), Glitter (GLOW), “the Amazing Mrs. Meisel” (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), “Curb your enthusiasm” (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Silicon valley (Silicon Valley), “Diehard Kimmy Schmidt” (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

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In the category “Best actor in a drama series” presented by Jason Bateman for his role in “Ozark” (Ozark), sterling brown (“we”), ed Harris (“Wild West”), Matthew Rhys (“the Americans”), Milo Ventimiglia (“we”) and Jeffrey Wright (“the world of the Wild West”).

In the adjoining women’s category, the prize can get Claire Foy, who played a major role in the “Crown”, Tatiana Maslany (“Dark child” Orphan Black), Elisabeth moss (“the handmaid’s Tale”), Sandra Oh (“Killing eve”, Eve Killing), Keri Russell (the Americans) or Evan Rachel wood (“Wild West”), reports TASS.

In the nomination “Best actor in a mini-series or television movie”, “Amy” might get, in particular, the Spaniard Antonio Banderas, who played the famous artist Pablo Picasso in the second season of “Genius” (Genius), Brit Benedict Cumberbatch for his role in the “Patrick Melrose” (Patrick Melrose), the famous American singer John Legendo (“Jesus Christ superstar. The concert,” Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert).

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