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NATO said about the violation by Russia of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range

New missile system 9М729 subject to the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Moscow denied the allegations.

Moscow so far has not provided convincing information about the new missile system 9M729, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg before the meeting of defense Ministers of the Alliance, which will take place on 3 and 4 October. According to the most plausible at the moment, Russia violates the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty), said the head of the organization on Tuesday, October 2, in Brussels.

At the same time Stoltenberg urged Moscow to immediately respond to these concerns. The question of how NATO will react to the violation of the Russian contract, the head of NATO was left without a response.

In turn, the U.S. permanent representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison stated that the missile defense system needs to be aligned with a possible new threat. According to her, we are talking about that missile defense system could reflect cruise missiles, the purpose of which are NATO countries in Europe and America.

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In Moscow deny the violation of the INF Treaty

Meanwhile, the Deputy head of the Duma Committee on defense Andrei Krasov said that Russia is not violating the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles, and all the allegations “baseless”. “Russia, as a peace-loving country, focused on re-equipping the armed forces to ensure the security of its citizens. To replace the outdated samples comes advanced weaponry and military equipment. We don’t do anything that would go beyond the scope of this Treaty,” said Krasov “Interfax”.

Member of the Federation Council Committee on defense Franz Klintsevich announced that Russia is ready to provide additional information about the new missiles, which, according to NATO violate the INF Treaty. “We have given all other aspects, explanations, what a rocket, what class, what kind of opportunities that will host. If they see any doubts, let him make the official request and leadership of all will explain, will answer”, – he said.

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The agreement was signed in 1987, Reagan and Gorbachev

Cruise missile ground-based 9М729 for complex “Iskander” in the West, also known as the SSC-X-8. NATO believes that this system is subject to the INF Treaty. Moscow has repeatedly denied such accusations the US and she in response made allegations of breach of this agreement by Washington. In particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that of the launchers of the missile defense system deployed by the USA in Romania, can be released and missiles with nuclear warheads.

The Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles signed in 1987 in the White house, the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan. The document prohibits parties to manufacture ballistic and cruise nuclear land-based missiles with ranges of 500 to 5,500 km, as well as their testing and deployment.

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