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Named the most useful product in the season of colds

Назван самый полезный продукт в сезон простудCalled food of the cold season, because when it’s cold, our body needs “fuel”.

Although you will not find the fat in any diet menus (still, per 100 grams contains nearly 800 calories), this product contains a mountain of vitamins and its use begins at the cellular level.

Lard consists almost entirely related to our body of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids — a building material of cell membranes.

Acceleration of metabolic processes within cells, improving functions of intercellular membranes, more efficient operation of cellular mitochondria — a part of the advantages that you can get from eating a piece of bacon. The content of vitamins A, D, E and F is another merit of this product. Together with fatty acids the first three noticeably improves skin condition and complexion, while vitamin F is a staunch defender of the blood vessels.

Against colds and heart attacks

The other component that is part of the fat is arachidonic acid. She refers to polyunsaturated fatty acids and is found in the tissues of our heart, brain and kidneys, making it indispensable for the normal functioning of these vital organs (e.g., arachidonic acid restores the damaged brain cells, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke). By the way, this acid is part of only lard and not contained in vegetable oils. Eat a slice of bacon in the season of colds is a big deal in strengthening the immune system: arachidonic acid protects the body from viruses.

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If you have no problems with excess weight, digestive system as well as liver and kidney, moderate consumption of fat (30 grams a day) can be a good prevention of many health problems. Subcutaneous fat pigs are well absorbed by the body and does not cause allergies, as some other products of animal origin.

Use fat in the process of heating food. And be sure: this is much healthier than cooking in vegetable oil. The fact that when heated, vegetable oils begin to stand out aldehydes — toxic substances, which tend to accumulate in the body. An excess of these compounds increases the risk of heart and oncological diseases (therefore reserved vegetable oils — olive, Flaxseed, pumpkin and others glazurovki salad or cooking sauce). Besides including in your diet fat, you need to create in the body is slightly alkaline environment for the cells with abnormalities.

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For the health of blood vessels

Even the presence of cholesterol does not make fat harmful (of course, if you eat it in reasonable quantities). The reason is simple: subcutaneous fat also rich in lecithin (a phospholipid complex), which is more than cholesterol.

A fatlike substance that keeps the cholesterol in solution, preventing its deposition on vessel walls, and also helps the vitamins to be better absorbed. However, this only applies to fresh Sala — white with a pinkish tinge. Any heat treatment (e.g. Smoking) leads to the oxidation of lecithin, and hence to a decrease of its functions. To fat longer stored, salt it (fat recipe may include the processing of spices) and keep in the fridge or freeze in a closed jar or bag made of thick fabric. As such, the product will retain its useful properties.

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