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Named the car, got into the Guinness book of records

Названы автомобили, попавшие в книгу рекордов Гиннесса

The Guinness book of records this time took unique skills of people and cars. Thus, recently published a list of three models of cars that were in the famous list. It should be noted that the three winners were selected on the principle of price respected to age and crazy stunt.

So, the first line was a car that even because of their age is still functioning. This car La Marquise, released by the De Dion Bouton et Trepardoux in 1884. This car was a participant in the first automobile races in the history of mankind, and also became the winner in those competitions.

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The instance is able to reach a maximum speed up to 61 kilometres per hour. It is quite interesting to know that the engine of this rare create can run on wood, coal or paper. Before you go somewhere on it, you need to first warm up the engine for 30 minutes. In 2007 the car was sold at auction for 3 520 000 USD.

On the second place ranking is a sports model of Ferrari 250 GTO, which released the Assembly line in 1963. In the ranking, it is listed as the most expensive car in history because the auction instance was sold for $ 52 million.

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In third place the British crossover Jaguar E-Pace. This car was made the trick. He was to jump from a springboard. Then car able to reach a height of 15 metres and thus make a coup in 270 degrees. The car has been able to prove the functionality of the suspension, which is now one of the main attributes of this child machine industry.

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