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My life in the trade. Entrepreneur

Моя жизнь в торговле. Предприниматель

Моя жизнь в торговле. Предприниматель


Quite telling in detail in the previous parts about his adventures in Commerce, I did not touch on another aspect. Hanging out with any success by large and small firms, I quickly realized how small a share of the profits get by working for hire on someone else’s uncle. Alas, it was already zero years, and rush again to fully independent swimming, having three children, it seemed improvident and dangerous. In our case it is not only good but also stable income, and reliable roof. To combine all at once, my employers have not always succeeded, in consequence of which I was intermittently concerned to search for additional sources of income.

The times then stood as restless as always, but in a period of relative prosperity there was an unexpected thought to make it more permanent and high. To implement such a brilliant opening idea seemed to me the easiest way, playing the well-known gambit with the sacrifice of working time, rest from the labors. In short, I decided again to go to individual entrepreneurs, not throwing the basic work for a perfume company. My most successful experience on this path I have already described earlier in the Chapter about the 80-ies, but since then it’s been a long time, and I have accumulated considerable experience as a merchant, traveling the country and gaining a very rich and varied client base.

Everything was familiar – and the product, the supplier and the buyers, and special attachments in my circuit is not required. I signed a contract for a monthly deferred payment, receive a cosmetics factory in Dedovsk, and then he sent this product to its customers at a slightly shorter period. This is usually enough, what would the goods get to the partners, and they settled with me, after which I already paid to your supplier. Sometimes they fail, and detained the money or not paid. Then I had to cover the delay by its own means. The risk was not severe and not frequent, but caused financial problems and badly undermined my entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

However, obtained through personal contacts almost unlimited trade credit allowed to stay in the game and even in profit, not actually attracting working capital. Taking order from customer, I sent it to the factory, and getting out the invoice, rescheduled the shipment to your customer with your mark up. As with any mediation, all rested more on trust, mutual respect and integrity. This had its pros and cons. I have not had to spend money neither to the warehouse, no storekeepers, no overload. Supplier was carrying my and your products in the right transport company, and send an appointment already with my documents.

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At first I was sent along with the factory driver to his son, as a freight forwarder, or went himself, but later began to trust the entire operation already familiar to the driver, pays him for his trouble. The next day I received from him the invoices from the transport company. I didn’t have to spend all this time and I continued to work quite successfully in their main job. It’s not encouraged in my primary company and I had to hide their parallel operation. For this I, as the head of sales, proposed their own leadership to expand the range with a new range. It has not caused objections, and I was able to do such a trick then another in the next office.

Modern means of communication – personal e-mail and im clients allowed to communicate with the clientele, without attracting special attention of the authorities, and if necessary talk on the phone – go with the mobile phone in the corridor or toilet. I already had an idea about programs for traffic control and computers of the staff and did not want to risk his position, caught in careless handling of information, as has recently broken off a dark lady Clinton. Since then, the smartphone, in addition to a small laptop, became my inseparable working tool that provides me the full range of capabilities to resolve operational issues.

Finding new clients, I left the PI working on a simplified taxation system itself, and the legal person, who needed the tax to the added cost, its core firm, and all were quite pleased. Trouble was that a substantial part of the profits had to give a gift the office, but there’s nothing to do was impossible. He himself, as an entrepreneur, I pay tax even with the turnover, and the difference between revenues and expenses, and to establish a private limited liability company and transfer the VAT seemed to me at the time too complex and burdensome. Yes, and it was unknown then how many accomplices will be able to feed my new idea.

I would not have been able to implement without serious help my old friends – a married couple. Husband established I work in 1C, and the wife spent all the circles of the bureaucracy, having me as an entrepreneur, a notary, tax, pension Fund and Bank, and later taking care of all bookkeeping. In the end, no one, I have all the time had no complaints. Generally, to survive without his team three years was difficult and hard. I am very grateful to all my friends who helped me then who Board, who matter, and some money. The economic situation is constantly changing both in personal and global terms. After several years of stagnation, the country suddenly flew into a new crisis of 2008, but the trouble came where I was not expecting.

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Cheap cosmetics and shampoos were again demanded in the market. I quietly developed customer network and sales gradually grew, but wanted more stability. I started talking to the plant supplier about the need to create your own buffer of the trading house, which would take over all sales, referring to the Director of TD of course yourself. The idea was a kind of understanding of the owner of the plant, and an office there quietly built without me, focusing the need to negotiate with the new people. Moreover, I suddenly found that all my customers get my price and now began to work with TD without me, now as an unnecessary intermediary.

No reason to swing right and make a scene. Nothing like quiet to cover up your own shop and to write off losses, settle with the factory even for the debts of their previous firms. In the end I made so much money, how many have gained new and useful experience that will help me in the future. I realized how important it is for the owner to completely control the nuances of your business, without neglecting anything, and how little you should rely only on the good words and attitudes are not backed by the full legal protection. At the same time, I was convinced that without the personal connections we have in General nothing can be done. But can throw still and always, no matter what. Friendship is friendship, and snuff apart.

I must say that I have closed my business without much regret, even relief, having the potential to move to Samara, but this did not happen. Politics, Economics and history in Russia is quite unpredictable as women, that gives not only the anxiety and complexity, but also new hopes and opportunities. It’s not a reason to become impotent, a political prisoner or unemployed?! At the beginning of the tenth years it was impossible to predict how much will change Russia and the world in a few years, what new adventures and ideas will fall on me soon. But about it somehow next time, when it’s time to talk about what I’m doing now.

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