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Musician “Chaif” accused Shnurov in the damage done to rock music

Музыкант "ЧайФа" обвинил Шнурова во вреде, нанесенном рок-музыке

Guitarist of the Russian rock band “Chaif” Vladimir Begunov unflattering spoke about Sergey Shnurova.

The musician is convinced that the leader of group “Leningrad” narrowed the boundaries of the Russian rock music to the level of the ringtone, and it does not go in her favor. “The world has changed completely. If we used the remaining other musicians thought albums: make an album — he’s such and such, now all thanks to Shnurov came to the conclusion that enough ringtone. Or people send as single option Shnurov, or the second option — the ringtone. This is not good, not good”, — RIA “news” words legman said on air of the Latvian radio Baltkom.

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The rumors of the death of Russian rock Runners thus refutes: “I would not sounded the alarm. Every ten years sounding the alarm that rock music died. Don’t know, I think everything is normal”.

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