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Multilevel razvezeny deployed over Syria

For four and a half months Russia in Syria have managed to do, in fact, unthinkable. We had to act decisively and drastically. Something to wait for there was no time left. After the destruction of state institutions in countries such as Libya and Iraq, appeared in their place, the vacuum was instantly filled by terrorist groups. The same thing partially happened in Syria. Most likely, the U.S. has set a goal to do a fully reboot the entire Middle East, despite the fact that the region will be fully under the control of terrorist elements. Russia such a scenario is certainly not arranged. Chaos, destruction and anarchy are the consequences of the “Arab spring”. Syria today remains the last frontier.

Многоуровневый разведзонтик развернут над Сирией

Expanded Russian military presence in Syria will automatically put the West on the second plan. Air defense system s-400 were allowed to take all the airspace under Russian control. Created in conjunction with partners a multi-level system intelligence allows you to fully ensure reliable identification of targets for air strikes purely on the positions of militants “Islamic state” and their associates.

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Also contacts were established with some representatives of the Syrian opposition, which today is quite a productive share intelligence with the Russian army.

Многоуровневый разведзонтик развернут над Сирией

Identify targets for strikes VKS Russia in Syria helping the Russian army together with its partners in the area of fighting multi-system intelligence, said the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.

He said, the intelligence ensures reliable detection of targets and eliminates the risk to civilians. Konashenkov stressed that the obtained information about the objects, which are applied to the airstrikes, is checked repeatedly.

Turning to Western experts, the representative of the Ministry of defense noted that not all the terrorists in Syria are moving with large black flags and large signs on the back about their belonging to one or another terrorist group.

The major General added that the Russian army had quite a lively sharing intelligence units of the Syrian opposition.

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Earlier it was reported that the Russian Federation increased intelligence activity in the middle East region due to the fact that the defense Ministry want as quickly as possible to defeat the terrorists. Enhanced methods of exploration have allowed to destroy the terrorists “in real time”.

The efficiency of the operation HQs of the Russian Federation in recent months has increased significantly. With the support of Russian aircraft, government forces managed to recapture key strategic points from the rebels and move into a full-scale offensive, which has, in effect, changed the course of the war.

Многоуровневый разведзонтик развернут над Сирией

From 4 to 11 February, the aircraft HQs of the Russian Federation struck nearly 2,000 targets for terrorists in the provinces of Latakia, Deir ez-Zor, HOMS, Hasakah, Aleppo, Hama, Dara’a and raqqa by executing this 510 sorties. In this regard, the militants began to retreat, and many of them are moving to Libya.

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