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Moscow will force Kiev to abandon lethal weapon USA

Москва заставит Киев отказаться от летального оружия США

Moscow, as usual, no hands (when it comes to genuine diplomacy) forced the Kiev reformers to think seriously about the consequences of arming the APU with American weapons. You do not even need an official statement. Yet.

Kiev, according to tradition, got cold feet after common warnings of some experts, both Russian and Ukrainian, and are available to demonstrate a possible way forward. The supply of lethal weapons from the United States, which the reformers cry for three years, will bring Ukraine more problems. And some hot heads, still not quite “broken patriotism” and rampant cut, begin to realize the danger of gun adventure. And Russian experts warn politely, causing the followers of the Maidan, a quiet panic.

U.S. arms deliveries to Ukraine will only lead to the escalation of the conflict in the Donbas and the elimination of the Minsk agreements. This opinion shared with the journalists the head of the NGO “Council on foreign and defense policy” Fyodor Lukyanov. Such a scenario is completely satisfied with Kiev, Poroshenko why and begging for this American junk at an inflated price.

Ukrainian guarantor is trying to disrupt the peace agreement and to unleash a major war. Not to say that “gifts Uncle Sam” can radically change the course of the conflict and become a trump card in the hands of the so-called Kiev hawks. You can not doubt that the simple Ukrainian fighters, if you hold American rifles (well, or what they will get), then no more than five minutes for the TV picture. And in the area of the ATO will get one for the same advertising. It’s Ukraine Maidan sample parcel expropriator, resell and merge offshore before the landing of American workers.

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Lethal weapon USA is only a good political bonus for the sinking ratings of Poroshenko. If “his help” ever and sent, the Ukrainian guarantor for at least six months will be celebrating its Peremoga from the stands as it is now with flawed bezveza. Do not forget that the White house can still change your mind. Yet cherished Javelin remains the promise of the Congress, which puts pressure on trump.

But despite all these not particularly optimistic nuances, Kyiv satisfied a magical performance and pre-celebrating “Peremoga”. Ukrainian rulers don’t think about the reverse side of the coin and the possible mirror response. Lukyanov reminded listeners that the United States actually took to the path of war, the latest package of sanctions offset all efforts to normalize relations with Russia. Trump chooses a position of power, and his administration supports a total militarization and the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The appointment to the post of chief of staff to President John Kelly, a marine with experience, as well as the sanctions themselves, leaves no doubt of the hostile intentions of Washington.

Such behavior trump actually unties the hands of Moscow, formally refusing to cooperate. Including in the process of resolving the conflict in the Donbass. Russia has the right to defend its interests by any means and the White house on its own before it is confirmed. So Kiev it’s time to think about a response to the American rifles in the hands of the Ukrainian troops. After Donbass too can miraculously get stronger and upgrade your defence. No obstacle to that now is no more. And initiating rearmament LDNR it by picking a couple of dozen decommissioned missile launchers and several tons of iron had seen more of Vietnam. Because it is so good and usually says “Mr. white” with the poor natives.

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Russia already has full rights to stand up for the Donbass after the economic attacks on the US. First the supply of lethal arms to Kiev will cause the mirror measures not please neither reformers nor their American friends.

Some patriots in the Kiev political zoo already thought about the consequences, but doesn’t hear them bleating the most. But Russia warns politely and diplomatically. So the team Poroshenko hiding in the corners. However, as usual. And when the time comes, Poroshenko, probably, refuse to supply, having estimated the pros and cons. Or for him it would make trump, changing his mind at the last moment.

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