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Moscow: Art Sobyanin will soon be reflected in our bills

Москва: Художества Собянина скоро отразятся в наших платежках

Improvement of the historic center of Moscow is finished, said last week the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. “Muscovites have bought it,” said the mayor. Indeed, residents were irritated and eternal building, and widespread Parking restrictions, and the fact that many of the streets were altered several times in a row. But the main thing — how big it spent money.

According to RBC, in 2015 the cost of “My street” was about 20 billion rubles, in 2016 — already 32,9 billion rubles, and in 2017 the cost will be significantly higher than a record 40 billion rubles, Experts say that these figures are comparable with the expenditure part of the budget of an average Russian cities.

Yes, in General, turned out beautifully. However, consensus about the results of improvement among Muscovites there.

— Landscaping was carried out in rush, because of this, scientists have taken the maximum inconvenience, — said economist Mikhail Delyagin. — This can be done in a few years, not putting on the ears of the entire city. Apparently, the mayor did not know that in the summer live in Moscow some people. The tiles continued to be laid in the rain, and asphalt, for example, on the Leningrad highway was placed on the first snow.

Second: I don’t know what I was thinking people who planned narrowing of the carriageway in the centre due to the expansion of sidewalks, — the expert continues. — I conducted a survey on the Internet, and here are his results: the majority, about 50% responded that it was just “a way to expand the area where you can put the tile”! As a result of sharply increased traffic, now they are like during the late Luzhkov — because sause Garden ring and streets inside it.

The expert notes that the new tiles in some places did not live up to the first snow: “Walk around the outside of the rampart and you will see that there is in some places it is not. But, as we said, this music will be eternal, the improvement will never end, so the same tile will shift endlessly as to change the borders on exactly the same”.

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By the way, in Moscow this year to 3.3 times, according to official data increased the number of murders. Why is this relevant, you ask, to the beautification of the capital? Yes, right, believes Mikhail Delyagin: “there’s nothing else that can be linked, if not with the arrival of many migrant workers from nowhere…”

All this was done only for the solution of some business problems, — the economist believes. — About the city was thinking in the last turn. Yes, it’s nice, but this way of upgrading the impression of: a) cutting and b) bullying. The amount spent is monstrous, and yet they are terribly overpriced. Entire cities live on 5% of what the mayor spent on a small piece of pavement.

Architect Artem Ukropov (Bureau Megabudka) the main drawback of the recent improvement considers record time in which it was held:

— Because of this and it worked: put the tiles, then dug up, put down the pipe, then it turned out that curve, and again dug up. We also some plots were designed, and understand at what time it happened. Some decisions have yet to be developed.

Not too correct, the expert believes that the improvement began from the center of the city, and he became a pilot site:

Only in the second season begin to have understanding that is better to use, what kind of tile is better not to put. Many of the decisions several times changed. Because of this, a lot of criticism. The problem is in the fact that in Moscow many departments, and not all of them with each other friends. And the residents were faced with the fact that everything is always tossed.

Plus the architect believes that this time the project was connected to the professionals, because “before everything was done, relatively speaking, an acquaintance.”

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Shots said that many of the plots were nicely displayed, and Muscovites probably saw it: “of Course, money was spent than could be spent. As a taxpayer, I am unhappy, but as a resident of the city I like the result”.

— Spent indeed very much. But the people somehow do not match all this with increased taxes, — says Andrey Bunich, President of the Union of entrepreneurs and tenants of Russia. — People do not think in these fun result. Aesthetically pleasing or not is another question. But each person then receives a payment order — the property tax.

The main local taxes are just taxes on property of physical persons and organizations, legal persons, — the expert explains. — Happens, the more these unreasonable costs, the more taxes Muscovites, already exorbitant. This results in higher prices, as these taxes are built into all goods and services in Moscow.

According to Bunich, if people understood this, they would be very different to the improvement were:

— Probably they would say that it would be better for that amount to reduce taxes. After all, a flat tax, every year increases significantly.

Andrei Bunich believes it is necessary to compare big ideas in financial position of citizens: “if people have money to be no, what kind of economic growth can be said? And now we will all pay for these paintings for many years. Of course, people resent it — everyone I know: and rich and poor, young and old.”

— Of course, all this can be done endlessly every year to rent a good tile and laying again. City officials said that going to do — said Bunich. — Moreover, such decisions are made discretionary by. The opinion of the people no one asks. And if surveyed, most would rather cut taxes. People have questioned the need for without end and are crazy money to undertake improvements.

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