Sunday , September 24 2017
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The money in shop and restaurant


MasterCard is considering the introduction in Russia services for obtaining cash at the cash desks of commercial enterprises. In Russia may receive a new service Cash-out, which allows you to get cash directly at the cash register in retail and service businesses. The possibility of introducing this service are now …

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Where did the savings of Soviet citizens


It is lacking in the Russian land idiots, in addition, even illiterate. However, their relative illiteracy, as many have done, for example, technical universities have studied strength of materials, termeh, electrical engineering, theory of turbines, etc. However, as is known to the bird-dovaston, vykladyvaya of reinforced concrete slabs beetle woodworm, …

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The text of the statement Kirkorov extortion 1 million euros


Famous Russian singer Philip Kirkorov has addressed in police with the statement for extortion of 1 million euros, pointing out that he never claimed authorship of the song “Cruel love”. The statement was provided to the Life environment of the singer. A copy is at the disposal of the channel. …

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Sucks to be homeless


But still crappy to realize that it is forever. A man tries to earn a corner. Not stealing, not cheating, not cutting budgets. Just inject a lifetime. Not a Villa with swimming pool, 20 rooms with views of the Kremlin. At least on the corner where do not be driven …

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The Central Bank will print for Rosneft trillion rubles


The Board of Directors of Rosneft has approved the issuance of bonds in 1,071 trillion rubles, announced the company on Thursday. Unprecedented in terms of the Russian debt market the amount needed to Rosneft for two weeks until the redemption of own stocks from the state for 705 billion rubles. …

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The power and money. Third wheel!


The state Duma approved the draft Federal budget for next year. Budget skinny and scarce. In fact – a budget colonial countries. For ordinary citizens this means that their family budgets will be the same, many are waiting for the debts and poverty, lack of basic necessities. The government deliberately …

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Khodorkovsky hopes to “buy” Russia


Fugitive oligarch seeking funds to Russian “Maidan”, but the chances to win has Entrepreneur Mikhail Khodorkovsky continues to prepare for the struggle for power. Created at the Congress in Helsinki’s own political organization, he has attended to search of means. “Trying to “unfreeze” the last piece of resources, stuck in …

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Effective management of the Pentagon


November 11, 2016 the current United States President Barack Obama gave the order to destroy the leaders of al-Nusra front (banned in the Russian organization). Ordered to find and neutralize to a lethal condition of the leaders of the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda (banned in the Russian organization). By aircraft, …

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