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Money – to the wind. How to open a mini-Park for three million

Деньги - на ветер. Как открыть мини-парк за три миллиона

Moscow officials, judging by what they spend the money raised by citizens in taxes, just don’t know where to put them. For example, at the opening of the tiny Park on Taganskaya street, which is “rolled in tile”, the generous chiefs of Moscow intend to allocate about 3 million rubles.

The festive event is scheduled for June 10. What will it be, nobody cares. On the Procurement website States that Moscow requires an organisation or a person (not specified), which or who is willing to shift in your pocket from the capital budget of the Russian Federation 2 million 902 thousand 800 roubles for “rendering of services on preparation, organization and holding of cultural events dedicated to the opening of a Children’s Park. Pryamikova at the address: Moscow, Taganskaya str., VL, 15A”.

About 3 million rubles zealous superiors are going to vbuhali to hold cultural events, despite the fact that the money could buy and give to the poor apartment or a large family, languishing for years in a queue on improvement of living conditions. But why do it? The apartment will need to convey to people, and then, as they say, “to saw” there will be nothing. Another matter the occasion! Come, for example, dressed in costumes, “Masha and the bear”, would run around with the kids on new paths of the Park, cheered Muzychka an hour or two, and good! The occasion was – were, actors or whoever, provided the “city”? Provided! Get 2 902 800 rubles! Received? Happy? Great! And to say “thank you” to the man who chose you “Masha and the bear”, would you? Want? Let’s put that in this pocket, no, better this.

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Can I, a native Muscovite, you think so? Can. You can squander my money, paid in taxes? Can.

These considerations – not a fantasy. Just think – Park on Taganskaya street – a tiny, good weather Saturday – people go on holiday in the country. Well, let’s come to the day in Park 100. So it turns out that each participant “holiday” Sobjanina spend 140 514 thousand rubles!

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So declare to the people that the first one hundred visitors to the Park pryamikovís that on Taganskaya street the mayor’s office or whoever, will give 140 514 thousand rubles – that would be a real treat. One hundred families will be able the summer to relax from the endless Russian crisis in Turkey two weeks in a five star hotel, or, at worst, in the Crimea, right on the money in Krymov five stars rest for two weeks – everything is more expensive, than in Turkey, but a week in the private sector can hold.

Anyway, but “public” money will be spent for the benefit of Muscovites.

But stop dreaming!

None of this will be!

2 902 800 rubles (by the way, someone figured out that the holiday should cost exactly as much, and not cheaper or more expensive?) will be spent, as it should be – that is, thrown to the wind. Taken from THEM. THEY are so convenient, comfortable and pleasant…

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