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Misted: why is it important to dry the car in the winter

Запотело: почему важно сушить автомобиль зимой

Along with the cold comes back and a typical winter problem — moisten and freeze the glass of the car. Not everyone knows but if you do not give her any attention, it can cause very unexpected consequences.

Glass condensate

It is clear that when the windshield is sweating inside are enough to send a jet of warm air from the ventilation system, and all the perspiration will blow in two minutes. But if the humidity in the cabin is increased regularly, excess moisture will condense in secluded places. For example, under the headliner.

We were approached by the owner of the new crossover, which after six months of operation drip the ceiling. Affairs was winter. First suspicion — of course, leakage of the cabin. This really happens, therefore, during the examination of the problematic crossover “shed” as it should on the sink. But the body was sealed.

And the problem was associated with the same sweating. Moist air from the cabin under the roof, which in itself is not sealed, and there is in contact with the metal. And the temperature of the roof in the winter, as you know, can be -30 degrees. In the end, the moisture not only condenseries, but freezes, and the process resembles the formation of drizzle in the refrigerator. What will happen if you leave the refrigerator off without defrosting? Under it formed a puddle. Something similar happens in cars.

The main catch is in the cumulative effect. If on the street there are long cold, under the upholstery of the body can numerate, conventionally, a glass of water. The thaw on the sink or just in the sun it will start to melt, to flow down on the inner body panels, wet trim, and in extreme cases to emerge from under the roof panels. Drops often starts from under ceiling lighting, plastic caps or joints above the windshield.

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As soon as the washing machine thaws, many, finding a spot on the ceiling in the first place sin on a “hole” in the back. It happens, but not rare cases when the ceiling gets wet from condensation.

And is this normal?

Atmospheric air contains moisture. Plus, the water gets into the cabin directly, for example, in the form of snow on shoes or after washing. Finally, water vapor rich human breath, especially after the holidays (but not only).

In a closed system, like the interior of the car, lowering the temperature increases the humidity. So, for example, moisture well condenseries on glasses: local temperature decrease provokes the loss of “rosy”. Similarly, misted glasses, if you go from the cold into a warm room.

In itself, the misting in the cold is quite natural, but when moisture begins to accumulate is a sign of a fault or incorrect operation.

What causes humidity?

For example, overzealous use of the recirculation button. It can be enabled if there chadit truck or the engine is still warming up. But if you prefer to go with the recycling, and not to fog up the glass to send a jet of air, you should know that excess moisture is likely to find the cold surface and freezes to it.

Ventilation problems, like scoring a cabin filter, you can create the effect of recycling, albeit on a smaller scale.

A short drive also tricky: you enter the salon, increase the humidity by breathing, but do not allow the machine to clear my head. The problem is especially relevant if you are transporting several people in the cabin of a small car.

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What to do

Your best friend is the winter air. When it is heated to room temperature it becomes very dry, for example, if the summer in the apartment the humidity ranges from 50-80% in winter and 10-30%. The same thing happens in the car: heated to 20 ° C air carries a minimum of moisture — almost all the atmospheric water is in the form of snow.

If the natural reserves of the ventilation system is not enough, ventilate the interior further, especially prior to Parking. Some pass the last few meters with the window open, turning on at full capacity, “stove”, while others give the car to stand with the Windows open for some time to replace moist, warm air dry and frosty.

Be sure to ventilate the car after washing — including to the morning not frozen seals and locks. For example, from the sink, open all doors, to release the moist air, then travel by car to full warm-up with the included ventilation, and prior to the Parking lot again, open the door.

In the winter you need to use air conditioning. It is true that many machines it ceases to cool the air if the atmospheric temperature decreases to a certain critical level, but the frosty air dry by itself. At least, air conditioning is useful in changeable weather, for example, when the daily temperature is above zero, and at night he catches a cold.

And of course, follow the interior of the car: clean from ice and snow mats, and sometimes look at them, and in a niche of a spare wheel. The “wet” machines, the traces of moisture usually appear there.

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