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“MISS”: Roscosmos creates an analogue satellite Internet “SpaceX”

"ГМИСС": Роскосмос создаёт аналог спутникового интернета "SpaceX"

State Corporation “Roscosmos” has taken the initiative of establishing a Global multifunctional InfoComm satellite system that will be able to provide high-speed Internet access and mobile communications throughout the Russian Federation.

Seamless communication with the maximum area coverage will provide low-orbit satellites, by analogy with previously announced projects, the U.S. company “SpaceX” and the British “OneWeb”.

Such satellite communication system and Internet access are already in use, but only apply in remote areas of the world due to the expensive services. Roskosmos is planning a project orientation to all potential users of the Russian Federation, including several neighboring countries.

The concept of “MISS” will be developed in early 2018, and by the end of 2020, the experts of Roscosmos will conduct a series of research and development work, worth about 299 billion.

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A distinctive feature of the project is to use a constellation of satellites circulating in low orbit (from a thousand to several hundred kilometers). This will ensure a clearer signal and will minimize the latency of satellite Internet, which is currently available to Western systems and reach 0.5 seconds, which is unacceptable for some users and eliminates rapid transfer of data in real time. Due to the small signal delay “, GMASS” will attract a huge number of users and will allow to reduce tariffs for satellite Internet to the level of “terrestrial” providers.

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The main task of “Roscosmos” at the moment is to speed up the deployment of the system in order to displace competitors from the market: the use of domestic technologies reduces the cost of production and maintenance of satellites within the Leo group. The Corporation noted that “MISS” will be of interest not only for residents of the Russian Federation and other countries in need of high-quality and inexpensive connection.

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