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Migrant workers sent home, and trowels and brooms. Russian old people

Russian officials explicitly tasked to “push” cannibalistic pension reform at any cost, do not get tired to invent methods for “easing”. One suggestion is to reject labor migrants, and their jobs to give the Russians of pre-retirement age.

Thus, the head of the Duma Committee on transport and construction, United Russia Evgeny Moskvichev is going to develop a bill banning foreign citizens from working as a driver of an automobile taxi in Russia.

And more recently, to reduce the share of migrant workers involved in the construction industry up to 80%, offered the Deputy Minister Tatyana Golikova. Moreover, previously, the Ministry was advised to increase this figure and does up to 50%.

Currently, according to the interior Ministry, illegal migrant workers flow into the legal sector. The number of illegal immigrants has decreased over the past year from 2.6 to 2.4 million. However, income from the sale of licences has grown in just six months, to 29 billion rubles.

Of total “cleansing” of migrant workers in Russia say it is not necessary, but knowing the passion of our officials to the campaign, as well as an objective the need to “feed” the people with false hopes in connection with the pension reform, we can expect new initiatives in this field.

About is whether the refusal of labour migrants solve the problems of Russians of pre-retirement age, we asked our experts.

The rector of Academy of labor and social relations Alexander Safonov is full of skepticism.

— It is necessary to understand that the Russian labor market is not concentrated in any one region. And this is why the availability of jobs is determined by different circumstances. Not only a person’s desire to work somewhere, but even such things as the availability of housing, social infrastructure and health. People in 60 years is unlikely to go to Kamchatka to work. He needs a workplace at home. Not without reason in the USSR there was always a certain amount of jobs filled on a rotational basis. On this basis, to substitute migrant labour is not possible.

In addition, there are activities that require physically strong workers who traditionally stand-ins for the migrants. For example, building or housing and utilities associated with manual operation and low wages. There is a fairly common position, as a nanny, and demanding physical labor, and distance from family. Because there it is assumed that she lives in a family of the employer 24 hours a day. Such positions traditionally are replaced by migrants not only in our country but also abroad.

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This is not because they really want to work on the job, but because it brings in more revenue than even a highly qualified work in their homeland. Therefore, to solve this problem, simply closing the labor market for migrants, non-who-can.

— Honestly, we do not believe that such a serious measure as the release of migrants jobs for pretensioner, — said the head of the research service HeadHunter recruiting company Mariya Ignatova.

Migrants often work in low-skilled positions that do not require higher education or any complex skills. But even if these places will be free from visitors, the mentality of Russians is such that not everyone will want to go to work. They think it’s unattractive, not prestigious that there is a low salary, etc. After posts, for example, the head of Department to go to the cleaners or porters not everyone will agree.

In addition, quite a large proportion of older employees we have and so busy. Many of them see retirement as additional income. Now they were deprived of this opportunity. They have it shifted. But they both worked, and will work. Especially in areas such as science, manufacturing, medicine. There’s value age workers is higher as young people there are reluctant.

“SP”: — it seems that you are talking about Moscow — all have jobs, people are picky. But in the regions is getting worse. Maybe people will have to agree on the place previously occupied by the migrants, just to survive…

— Last week we conducted a study about the attitudes to pension reform employers and job seekers, and some regional characteristics not identified. In the regions, fewer jobs, but there habit for a long time, sometimes for 30 years, working in the same place. There often is production specialization, when people grow in one and the same enterprise. For mobility there is less of a possibility, Yes, but the labour market there is stable.

“SP”: — Maybe in large enterprises has introduced criminal liability for the dismissal of employees approaching retirement age will work better than in the capital?

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— While we do not understand how it will work. No employer admits that he discriminated against the employee on age. Agree, in the case of liability for the dismissal of pregnant women is to determine still simpler.

According to the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Confederation of labour of Russia, Igor Kovalchuk, it’s all about the wages.

The problem is that the jobs migrants are often in “grey” or “black” zone. To assess whether to release them from migrants in favor of pretensioner, you need to clearly understand how many jobs and how they are attractive for Russian citizens.

“SP”: — the Employees of recruitment companies say that is not very attractive…

Yes, we constantly talk about it. They say, take a broom in his hands nobody wants. In my opinion, it’s all about the wage. The salary that suits the residents of the former Soviet republics to Russia, especially for the current price level, is insufficient.

For example, in many Moscow houses have concierges who came from neighboring countries. These places may work, local pretensioner and even retirees. In fact, in the Soviet Union was. The salary is small, but the work is not particularly heavy.

But in the construction industry which employs almost exclusively migrants, physically hard. It’s hard to imagine how it will work pretensioner. Especially without qualification.

— Employment for people approaching retirement age is in very different segments of the economy, it is not where the work of migrant workers, and the Director is sure of the multifunctional center of assistance to migrants “Tutut” Natalia Hmelnitsky. Is manufacturing, construction, logistics. Because migrants tend to work 12-13 hours a day in heavy work that require manual labor. Older there just are not physically survive. There’s basically no people older than 40 years. Release from migrants these jobs is to shoot from a gun on sparrows.

For the employment of older Russians need to develop new, other sectors of the economy. The potential is there, but we’ll hit the need for the development of business infrastructure.

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