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Merkel sued for failures in migration policy

На Меркель подали в суд за промахи в миграционной политике

Incompatible with the Constitution of Germany called the migration policies of Angela Merkel, the first persons of the party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD). Right believe that a policy of active reception of refugees was adopted with violations of the current legislation. Therefore, they applied to the Chancellor of the complaint to the constitutional court in Karlsruhe. This publication reports Die Zeit, with reference to the lawyer of the party Stefan Brandner (Stephan Brandner).

The main complaint voiced by members of the AfD, lies in the fact that the development of the concept of migration policy did not participate in the Parliament the last word it only remained for the Federal government. According to Director of the parliamentary faction of jürgen Braun (Braun Jürgen), the Bundestag must approve all decisions that are fundamentally important for the country and affect the interests of the companies. Otherwise, it is simply illegal, said the Deputy.

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Recall that a turning point in the policy of receiving refugees was September 2015. Then Angela Merkel took the decision to open the Austro-German border for asylum seekers. In AfD, this move was regarded as a “rule of tyranny and injustice.” And now the scandalous decision of the members want to be tested for compatibility with the principles of the Constitution. At the same time, politicians claim that their goal is the preservation of borders to refugees between Austria and Germany, and not mass deportations.

At the same time, jürgen Braun tactfully suggests that about the “rule of injustice” is a General term, not invented by the right wing. These words belonged to the representative of the party CSU, the Federal interior Minister Seehofer Horst (Horst Seehofer).

The complaint in the court consider for more than a month (the document was filed April 14). While that is not even known preliminary results in this case. The question of whether there will be a court hearing, has also opened. However, the lawyer AfD’m sure a lawsuit from their party can indeed change the world.

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“And it could change the world if we will succeed”, — quotes Brandner Die Zeit. The lawyer also suggests that after the hearings in the constitutional court, Angela Merkel, will have to urgently leave the office.

By the way

The current migration policy of the government in recent years caused much controversy — both among politicians and among ordinary citizens. About a month ago, the Federal Chancellor added fuel to the fire. At a meeting with UN high Commissioner for refugees Frau Merkel said that Germany will have 10 of thousands of asylum-seekers. It should be noted, refers to those migrants who have been chosen Agency of the United Nations high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR).

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