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Mercedes goes to the issue of hybrids of the third generation

Mersedes переходит на выпуск гибридов третьего поколения

Mercedes-Benz stops production of the PHEV-cars S-class, C and E, as well as the electrified version GLE. The automaker intends to replace them with hybrids of the third generation. These cars will go under the name EQ, which Mercedes uses to distinguish its electrified models from the traditional.

Hybrids of the third generation have more power, greater range and higher speed. The machine is equipped with 9-speed automatic transmission in a single unit with an electric motor with a capacity of 121 horsepower.

One motor’s new hybrids can travel about 50 kilometers by 15 kilometers more that the machines of the second generation. The maximum speed when using the electric engine will be 140 kilometers per hour.

In addition, in the period until 2020, the automaker intends to bring to market four new electric vehicle. These models will be independent by design, not elektrowerke existing ones. Mercedes engineers need to develop not only the design but also different from the previous models, two sedans and two crossovers equipped with electric motors.

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Some relief on this difficult path the leadership of the group provided. In particular, the design of new electric cars are allowed to use individual components of the serial “Mercedes”. For example, for sedans is planned partially to use platform for cars and S-classes, and for crossovers – borrow pieces of the models GLA and GLC.

However, in General the platform on which will be based new cars, the design Bureau Mercedes-Benz will develop specifically for them. It is already known that the new model “Mercedes” will be both rear-and all-wheel drive. New “eco-friendly” the platform also will be used in the vehicle design up to three engines.

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It is expected that new electric vehicles will be provided to power plants with a capacity from 110 to 540 horsepower. Partner of Daimler Accumotive, the company is engaged in production of batteries, will provide them with Li-ion batteries with a power reserve of up to 400 kilometers.

And of course, Mercedes-Benz is going to create a new style of bodywork. German car expect to give electric cars such appearance, which would have made them “instantly recognizable as a transport with zero emissions”. Accordingly, future models will stand out from the standard model range.

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