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Member of Parliament: “Economic stupid” in power “kill” Ukraine

Депутат Рады: "Экономические тупицы" во власти "убивают" Украину

At the moment of power in Ukraine “are economic dimwits”. Such a definition of today’s authorities in Kiev gave Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vadim Rabinovichin his speech on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The authorities are economic dimwits. Today, the “Kyivvodocanal” announced that, perhaps, Ukraine will be limited to water, because the company Dniproazot suspended… Tell me, do you have brains to think for a week, a month? While the thunder will not burst — do not cross”, he said.

Commenting on the increase in the price of gas to Ukraine, which happened stop “Dniproazot”, the Deputy stated that this is a way of “killing the country”.

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“Yesterday I analyzed the numbers, which gave the European serious publication on gas prices in Europe and us. I noticed an interesting trend, they cite the cost of European gas, not taking into account the purchasing power of the population. Tell me what we still need to increase it to was the same as in Italy, in England, is full of crap, lies and the murder of the country. In fact, we have… not just expensive gas, and extracorporal gas. No country in the world has such costs in the population of gas,” said Rabinovich.

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The MP added that according to his calculations, after payment of utilities Ukrainians have no money for a normal existence.

Previously, Colossal reported that the former Minister of economy of Ukraine Viktor Suslov, speaking in the same TV channel said that the country will soon collapse, as in the background of the plight of her massively leave the taxpayers.

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