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Medina promised to punish the Mat in works of art

Мединский пообещал карать за мат в произведениях искусства

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky declared that the Ministry will punish cultural institutions for violation of the law on prohibition of profanity in works of art. This he told TASS on Wednesday, June 14.

“Individual theater companies we continue to violate the law. I can promise that we do next will not be tolerated,” said Medina.

The head of Miculite also opposed the revision of the act. “I am categorically against. This vocabulary is therefore called non-normative is not the norm. I don’t want my and your children went to the cinema, where the screen sweeps the Mat” — he said.

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Medina added that he was “sorry for the creators, which in great Russian language can’t find other means of expression, lexical in addition to non-normative”.

A law banning profanity in the arts came into force on 1 July 2014. It provides punishment in the form of fines for using obscene language in the public performance of works of literature and art, folk art in theatrical productions, concerts and other entertainment events, in the media and in the screening of films in cinemas.

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