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Named the most useful teas for the cold season


What tea is best to drink in the cold season? Tea is an integral part of our daily nutrition. It can be drunk not only as a dessert drink, but also to strengthen the immune system, fight stress and uplift the mood. Because this winter beverage is becoming an integral …

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The doctors told me how I easily give up sweets


How to give up sweets, and not torment yourself? Milk chocolate with raisins, cookies with nuts, cocoa, cinnamon, eclairs, cakes, and Eastern sweets, and dripping with honey, is it possible to just give it up once and for all?.. And not torment yourself, the last effort resisting the desire to …

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Named the best products for youth and health


They increase immunity and enhance health. Superfudge (from the English. superfood – super-food) referred to products with higher content of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. They increase immunity, enhance health and prevent aging, says psychotherapist and naturopath Odile Chabrian. Algae First of all we are talking about spirulina and Chlorella. They …

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These simple exercises will help to Wake up in the morning


To accelerate blood circulation and encourage the body, experts recommend every morning to do a light self-massage, the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya. During sleep all body processes slow down, even the blood starts to circulate slowly, it is not surprising that, just getting out of bed, it’s hard for us to …

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The dermatologist called the main causes of dry skin


Even with careful daily skin care, we risk to find themselves dryness and roughness. Even if you have in your Arsenal is high-end cosmetics for the face, it is still the skin may be excessively dry. By the way, it can negatively affect the skin condition in the future. Renowned …

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Typical errors that you do before bedtime


Night’s rest is vital to your body and brain to function smoothly.Sleeping for 8 hours straight, what would you like most right now. But let’s face it, how often, really, is this happening? According to the National Institute of health USA, millions of Americans have sleep problems. According to experts, …

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Doctors have named the main causes of excess weight in children


Children who skip Breakfast in the future overweight.Researchers from London called the factors of overweight in children. Among them maternal Smoking, irregular sleeping and skipping Breakfast. According to a study at the University College of London, these factors are very important in predicting whether a child suffer overweight or obesity. …

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Named the major signs of iodine deficiency in the body


Doctors told. how to cope with iodine deficiency.Tortured drowsiness, lethargy, and low performance? Perhaps the reason this state is associated not with the arrival of cold weather, and shortage of important minerals in the body. Find out what body signals will tell about the shortage of iodine. Symptoms of iodine …

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This popular drink can cause loss of vision


Discovered a new dangerous quality coffee.Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day may cause loss of vision and even lead to blindness. This is evidenced by the research scientists from the United States. The study involved 78 977 41 women and 202 men up to 40 years. None …

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Ten reasons to take a bath before sleep


Experts advise not to save and still take a bath every night. Usually, in the morning people take a shower that allows them to Wake up and energizing for the whole day. Before going to sleep, on the contrary, the body needs relaxation and calm, so warm or even hot …

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