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How to improve health at atmospheric pressure


Meteodependent people is not easy to survive the weather changes, their head is splitting with pain and performance is reduced several times. When there is a sharp jump in atmospheric pressure some people complain that they feel bad. Blame weather dependent, where a person goes down or lowered intracranial pressure …

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Why leg cramps spasm, causes and treatment


It is difficult to find a person who would not faced with the phenomenon of cramp. Probably everyone at least once faced with the problem of leg cramps. It seems that someone with the power of constricting the muscles of the legs and tries to turn them inside out. Naturally, …

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Cucumber will help in treatment of impotence, doctors


Doctors claim that they managed to find a natural alternative for viagra, which is able to treat impotence. Experts say that soon will be able to treat erectile dysfunction without viagra and related side effects. The main instrument of therapy will be cucumber that can increase blood flow to the …

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Called the fruit that kills cancer


The fruit is known for its unique taste and many people say that it’s a cross between strawberry and pineapple. Medical experts have called the fruit that fights cancer cells better than chemotherapy, the Soursop is. It’s also called Soursop. It is known for its unique taste and many people …

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Electronic cigarettes deadly to health


Smoking electronic cigarettes causes dangerous disease.Electronic Smoking affects the cells in the lungs the same as regular cigarettes, and prolonged exposure to vapours can lead to emphysema. This was announced by American scientists from the Medical College of the University of Michigan. It is noted that even minimal exposure to …

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These products will help to significantly lower cholesterol


TOP 3 cereals to reduce cholesterol.As is known, the number of heart attacks and strokes in women is steadily growing, affecting more and more young people. Unfortunately, this trend applies to all without exception developed countries of the world, even those in which a fairly high level of diagnosis and …

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