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Waist size affects the development of liver cancer


Malignant tumor of the liver is considered to be one of the most dangerous variants of cancer. The risk of a difficult-to-diagnose cancer of the liver increases by almost 10% for every 5 cm increase in waist size. To such conclusion experts of the American cancer community. Analyze information on …

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What you didn’t know about teeth whitening


To have beautiful and white teeth is the dream of every inhabitant of the planet. Alas, but the natural color of tooth enamel has a yellowish tint. Even if you diligently monitor the cleanliness of the mouth, you will be able to get rid of microbes, reduce trips to the …

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Main misconceptions about breast cancer


Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. And fear of this disease makes many people to “hide your head in the sand” in the hope that I will not touch it. This position is wrong. Fear of breast cancer threat from two sides. First, fear is …

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Useful properties of pine baths


The fir tree is a wonderful plant that almost all the plant can be used for the treatment of various diseases. Cones, needles, twigs and buds have unique useful properties. If you have a stuffy nose, make a broth. Crush spruce cone, then 40 g of raw pour 200 ml …

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These products prolong youthfulness of your skin


Presenting 10 foods for youthful skin and prevent wrinkles. If you take care of your skin in all possible ways and want as much as possible to stay beautiful and healthy, we offer you to look at your diet. There is nothing better than to contribute to the beauty of …

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Easy way to clean the body


How to clean the body to delicious nutrition, especially if you’re a fan of apples? Try the autumn detox diet on apples, cheese and rice. The first day Breakfast: 3 shredded Apple with lemon juice and a handful of nuts.Lunch: 100 g of buckwheat porridge and a salad of apples, …

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Heart disease will tell the condition of the skin


It is known that the health of the internal organs depends on the state of human skin. According to American scientists, such chronic non-communicable disease that affects the skin, like psoriasis, may indicate heart problems. Researchers from the medical school of the universities of Pennsylvania analyzed data from 3.6 thousand …

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What you need to do to sleep


Common cause of sleep deprivation, according to the results of the research Center for control and prevention of diseases becomes the “focus on the important things”. If you are preparing to sleep, and the monitor is still powered on, the probability that it will be possible to have a rest …

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Signs of diabetes: how not to miss a disease


Sometimes, to suspect the presence of diabetes, it is sufficient to draw attention to one of these signs. Share important information with loved ones. 1. The parameters that indicate a high risk of diabetes: Unfortunately, there is no any specific clinical symptoms, on the basis of which we can confidently …

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