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Chronic lack of sleep can lead to heart disease


Good sleep – the guarantee of health. Regular waking at night is dangerous not only for sleep quality, but also for the heart. The researchers found that people with sleep disorders often develops arrhythmia. If you regularly Wake up in the middle of the night, then the consequence may be …

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Computer games help prevent dementia


Doctors advise elderly people to this kind of method of brain training. Brain training using computer games slows down the process of deterioration of cognitive functions in people who are prone to dementia. To such conclusion employees of University of Sydney, analyzing research data, which was attended by approximately 700 …

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The best foods to fight seasonal depression


Delicious products are able to dispel the Blues. Depression is a mood disorder, which is regularly experienced by millions of people around the world because of the frantic pace of life, constant worry and hormonal imbalance which most often affects women. Every person suffers from various emotional problems that can …

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How diet affects your sleep


Too much fat and sweet on the night threatens to insomnia. Sleep problems arise due to excessive consumption of sweet and fat, say scientists. In the experiment, a group of researchers asked 13 men and 13 women with normal body weight to spend five nights in the sleep lab. Participants …

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How to whiten teeth with conventional products


Keep your smile white.About Hollywood smile, must have thought and dreamed every person. But, unfortunately, the color of your teeth is far from white – they are often yellowish. All because of Smoking, coffee and lack of care for the oral cavity. Teeth whitening may be for you a good …

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Homemade masks for oily skin


Oily skin is a big problem for some girls. Competent care for oily skin, regular, and soft treatments are sure to bring results. We offer you three types of masks that need to be done twice a week. Before use, make allergiesthe (apply the mask on the skin of the …

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Ten simple nutrition principles


Food should be a health benefit, not harm, so it should know the rules to anyone who wants to be healthy. In recent times a proper diet has become popular among people, because finally reached them, the doctors, explaining that from the foods you eat 80% of what the state …

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“Food of the gods”: why diet must be persimmon


The persimmon has such a set of necessary minerals that other seasonal products seem not-so-useful. In fact, the persimmon is not for nothing called “food of the gods”, because it is famous for its unique taste and pleasant aroma and can be an excellent complement in the treatment of certain …

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