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What fish eat in diabetes


Fish, like chicken, is one of the most quickly digestible types of meat, and that is why it is so prized by our body. Endocrinologists and nutritionists recommend patients if they have a diagnosis of “diabetes” to consume fish for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. We present to your attention a …

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Identified as an effective tool for skin rejuvenation


Mask of oatmeal can perform miracles.In order that the skin remains supple and radiant, it is necessary to regularly indulge masks. Many women say that a special effect after using oatmeal. They are the main ingredient for the “salad of beauty”, but no less beneficial effect on the skin when …

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This vegetable will protect from breast cancer


What should add to your diet today.For modern Oncology prevention of breast cancer is a priority, the successful solution of which depends on the health of millions of women around the world. According to the American Institute of cancer, every 10 woman has a chance meeting with this terrible disease. …

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Doctors called unusual symptoms of a stroke


Atypical signs of stroke in women.Acute impairment of blood circulation in the vessels of the brain, otherwise the stroke leads to the death of its cells, and can only save speedy medical assistance. The signs of a stroke in women may be quite atypical manifestations that you should know all. …

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Seven foods that best protect from ARI


It became known, what products and meals have a positive effect on the immune system and is able to facilitate the course of viral diseases. Many different ways to prevent seasonal diseases and their home treatment, came to us from the past. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers knew a lot about …

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Scientists have refuted five myths about infertility


The most common information about the concept of infertility proved to be unreliable. The diagnosis of infertility sounds more than scary. But doctors say that from any situation always there is an exit and infertility can be cured. There are plenty of stories about those women, who for decades longed …

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These products doctors there are in diseases of the pancreas


Doctors have listed all of the foods that you can eat with pancreatitis and other pancreatic diseases. Acute and chronic pancreatitis are the most common ailments among those who like a lot and satisfying meal. The pancreas can not withstand food loads and develops inflammation, called pancreatitis. If we are …

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Ophthalmologists suggested the best methods of conservation


These methods anyone can use to improve your vision or at least to let him deteriorate. Books — echoes of the past, now society has shifted to electronics, the negative impact of which is already proven by scientists. Radiation from monitors, tablets, computers, laptops and smartphones damage eyesight and to …

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Doctors advise to clean the intestines this effective way


Periodically everyone needs a cleansing of the intestines from toxic substances and other food waste. It is difficult to imagine how many junk stores in your intestines. No wonder fat people can’t easily get rid of excess weight, because their intestines are simply stacked with a variety of putrid debris, …

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