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Аппарат «Нанопрост»: отличное мужское здоровье в любом возрасте

В современном мире мужчине уже не нужно заниматься тяжелым физическим трудом, но при этом, обратной стороной медали становится малоподвижный образ жизни, сидячая работа перед монитором компьютера или за рулём автомобиля.

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Scientists told about the harm of electronic cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes spoil the gums as well as conventional.Electronic cigarettes damage gum tissue and lead to diseases of the oral cavity as well as regular Smoking This was stated by the scientists of Rochester University in the United States. Electronic cigarette consists of a battery, a cartridge with liquid and …

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These foods can trigger bowel cancer


The experts identified a list of products that can be instigators of development of cancer cells in the intestine. For anybody not a secret that food manufacturers use different flavorings, preservatives and emulsifiers to ensure that their products possessed a peculiar taste, pleasant aroma, had an attractive appearance, as well …

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How to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease


Doctors sure that everyone is able to resist Alzheimer’s, adhering to throughout their life certain rules. Alzheimer’s has been called one of the worst because it is absolutely incurable. All that capable doctors, this is to help people not to lose yourself and slow down the development of this disease. …

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Slimming sauerkraut: minus 3 kg per week


Turns out, sauerkraut is not only beneficial for health but also for the figure. Few people know that sauerkraut contains far more vitamin C than fresh. This means that cooked cabbage is becoming more useful to man, especially in the period of seasonal diseases. Nutritionists have nothing against sauerkraut and …

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Gastroenterologists told how to eat with gastritis


Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can be quickly cured, if you go on a special diet. Since almost all ailments of the stomach, pancreas and intestines, associated with inflammation. Therefore, it is logical for the period of exacerbation to go for products that have soothing, enveloping and healing properties that …

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Dairy products protect against allergies


In these products there is a connection, which can reduce the body’s levels of immunoglobulin E. It is known that in recent years, Allergy has become one of the most common diseases. According to scientists from Thailand, for prevention of Allergy should be regularly consumed dairy products. In the study, …

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How quitting Smoking can affect the shape


French scientists have studied the issue of quitting, which helped to refute popular myths about it. “Experts from the University of Paris studied the effect of tobacco withdrawal on a mental and physiological state volunteers.” One of the main points of the study was to determine the exact weight that …

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Named the most useful product in the season of colds


Called food of the cold season, because when it’s cold, our body needs “fuel”. Although you will not find the fat in any diet menus (still, per 100 grams contains nearly 800 calories), this product contains a mountain of vitamins and its use begins at the cellular level. Lard consists …

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The first signs of diabetes you shouldn’t miss


Many people are genuinely surprised to discover that they have, it turns out, diabetes! Having come to the doctor complaining of fatigue or back pain, they learn about the disease. But if we were a little closer to your body, diabetes it would be possible to detect at an early …

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