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Manufacturer of smartphones Wileyfox bankrupt, but remained in Russia

A few years ago there was a brand Wileyfox – it was created in Britain, and he has been very active trying to gain a foothold in our country. However, the low quality gadgets austerity in the accessories and unreasonably high price has done its job: the brand is officially declared bankrupt.

Now smartphones Wileyfox will not be sold virtually anywhere, but again no luck: here, the brand operates separately from the General group of companies, therefore in our country it will remain. Moreover, the vote hints at the imminent launch of new models, the details of which have not been disclosed. However, to expect from the company that offered only a cheap smartphone, something extraordinary just not worth it – if Wileyfox and release something new, it will be smartphones basic or medium price segments, because the top-end camera from an obscure company few people will buy it.

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Recall that in our country Wileyfox smartphones were sold without chargers included: it was assumed that the buyer already have it, or he’ll spring for an accessory or will charge from the computer. But the attempt to save on the charge proved meaningless – released funds didn’t go to the range, and eventually smartphones Wileyfox was not only understaffed, but also very boring both externally and internally.

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