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Make the doping provokes the state?

Принимать допинг провоцирует государство?

Scandals doping among Russian athletes lead to one obvious conclusion: the state should withdraw from professional sports.

Chief editor of “Soviet sport” explains these causal relationships.

Let’s just agree from the start that we are not discussing the problem of doping in the genre of “all take, and catch us, it is a political conspiracy” or “the court acquitted our – means the system of doping in the country we have, we’re all clean”. I personally on this subject many times in “the Soviet sports” has spoken, I will not repeat. The Russian authorities at the highest level, the problem was recognized, the blame is fired, and it already about something speaks (That is, if you believe that we have doping in sports no, better don’t read any further in order not to upset or irritated).

Doping no doubt there is in varying degrees in different countries. Maybe even in all countries. Because to achieve anything was the path of least resistance – it’s all in human nature. Man is weak, even if it’s a strong athlete, sorry for these stylistic excesses.

But why in Russia the phenomenon of doping, has received the most widespread? To get the answer to this question, put to start yourself in the place of the athlete. For Sharapova, Isinbaeva or Ovechkin – they have earnings on the advertising contracts many times greater than bonuses for winning. Well, not in the place of the party school of the competition, of course. Take a professional athlete. All remember the meaning of the word “professional”? That is, earn money in their profession.

Top athletes have big sponsors, representatives of global corporations, companies from around the world. Yes, and the aforementioned stars are representatives not only of Russia but also the world of sports. They have fans all over the world, are recognized absolutely everywhere. This situation is the same for all countries. But the steps below will be different.

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The athlete, who plays at the national level, recognizable across the country – has a sponsor, operating in the country. The athlete, who plays at the regional level, lower rank and sponsors have lower rank. But they are there. Higher in their sport achievements in sports – the higher the earnings. In the first place – more money. 6-8-x – less. Is a 20-30 – even less. But something you definitely get. Local manufacturer or trading company in the small town proud with their town that there are people in the sports world, which it represents and over and over again include, for example, in the top 50 best athletes of the country. Not winning, but doing enough. Pay for it. A bit but pay.

Russia is not so. Everything in Russia is tied to public money. The region finances a very small part of their leaders. And it’s quite small, by the way, money. At the state level – more serious funding. Enough not only to leaders. But we ordinary athletes, you think of normal living? No, only enough money for the Essentials. Need to get into the prizes on a pedestal – then you can really get something decent.

And here it appears dope. Doping, which will not allow you to be Sharapova or Ovechkin, but will help instead of silver to grab the gold, or is 4-5-6-go – to cling to bronze. The level of sports pharmacology will not allow an outsider to become an Olympic champion, but for those who are on the way to the podium, it gives the opportunity to become a step higher.

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As is known, affect the adoption or rejection decisions on offense is not only the certainty of punishment, and what amount of benefits you will lose if you get caught. In the conventional Germany you’ll lose everything. Not only prospects and love of the fans, but of all the possible sponsors. In Russia, the loss conditional fifth place does not mean absolutely nothing.

The conclusion is simple: public money in professional sports is evil. How America is protecting its athletes from the temptation to take performance enhancing drugs? Very simple: it is – as a country – gives them zero dollars and zero cents. And then there is a very important consequence: in the event of a doping scandal nobody accuses the MST of the United States in the establishment of a system of doping it (the system) is just not there. Learned that Marion Jones-Thompson on the doping and the state is not remembered. But the athlete herself was even imprisoned.

Are responsible for all the athletes, their trainers and sponsors. Someone who risks career, someone with money.

The state should help the professional sport itself. To stay in mass sports in the youth. It is difficult, for this we need to show the will. Excuse me, we understand that the government we have in the sport not only because it is caring, and because it uses the winning athletes in the state propaganda. And effectiveness of sports officials in the region also would be good to evaluate the number of medals that are brought in competition with local envoys, and the number of children involved in sports, the quality of infrastructure. But it is more difficult. You’ve got to work. But in another way will not succeed.

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