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Magazine “Caravan”. Issues 52 and 53. And the Declaration of: preparing a special issue!

Dear friends, I represent your attention a new 52nd anniversary and 53rd rooms monthly magazine about culture, art and history of Iran – “the Caravan”:

Журнал "Караван". Выпуски 52 и 53. А также объявление: готовится спецвыпуск!On the occasion of Day of memory of Avicenna (known in Iran under the name of Abu Ali Ibn Sina) the magazine offers a study about this great Iranian philosopher and scientist.

Also in this room you can get acquainted with the translation of a short story by renowned Iranian writer Zoya Pirzad’s “Neighbours”

the last Chapter of the novel “the Unpublished letters of Majnun” Ismail’s Firouzi,

and new chapters from the book of Professor Zakharov, which outlines interesting facts about the Russian-Iranian literary relations.



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Журнал "Караван". Выпуски 52 и 53. А также объявление: готовится спецвыпуск!
On the occasion of Muharram you will find in this issue a very detailed article Oleksandra Burykina about the history and details of the mystery”, Tazie” – one of the most famous Iranian performing arts.

Deserves special attention is accompanied by archival documents the article “the Left in Iran in the late 1940s: trying to come out of the shadows”, whose author is the chief specialist of Russian state archive of historian Marina Datsishin.

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Fans of contemporary Iranian literature will be able to enjoy samples of poetry and the poet Alireza Gatve.

September 9 the 48th anniversary of the death of the famous writer Jalal Ale Ahmad, in his memory stranicama rooms, the authors placed a translation of one of his short stories.

In this room, “Caravan”, you can also learn about the life and work of talented Iranian artist Samira Iskandhar.
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Yet, dear friends, at the request of the magazine I offer you the following announcement:

PREPARING a SPECIAL issue of the journal “caravan” – the “IRAN EYES RUSSIAN TOURISTS”
Travel to Iran – the ancient and glorious country that gave the world Saadi, Khayyam, and Ferdowsi, visiting historical sites such as Persepolis and Pasargade, can not leave indifferent not one person in the world. Everyone who set foot on this land, hold in my heart vivid memories, and many of their record and willing to share with those who haven’t had a chance to visit her.

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Electronic magazine “the Caravan” intends to publish a special issue of “Iran through the eyes of Russian tourists,” to further acquaint our readers with the opinions and memories of those who have traveled to Iran. To this end, we encourage anyone who would like to share their memories and impressions about traveling to Iran, and made during a trip photos, to send their materials to the journal “Caravan” for this special issue.

Material requirements: Microsoft Word Format, no more than 15 pages of A4. Even the most fascinating content material must be accompanied by several illustrations in high-resolution and jpg format. Materials for this special issue will be accepted until the end of October 2017 at the email address of the chief editor of the magazine:

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