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Legalization of tuning will be government services

Легализация автотюнинга станет госуслугой

The traffic police plans to introduce the legalization of tuning to the list of services. As noted, the current procedure for registration includes visits to the traffic police and in the testing laboratory.

The traffic police has prepared a bill which proposes to legalize modifications to the design of cars, reports “Kommersant”. Such a proposal may submit to the portal. As noted, it is now illegal modifications to the car are punished with a fine, and to legalize them quite expensive.

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According to the proposal for legalization of the change will be enough of one visit to the office of oversight inspections. You will also need two documents: a certificate for a component Declaration and its installation in the service station. The car will need to check in profile Department of technical supervision. If serious violations will not find, the changes will make the passport in the car.

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