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Laser gun USA is not a weapon

Лазерная пушка США – не оружие

A message to CNN about the trials of the U.S. Navy laser gun in the Persian Gulf became the number one news in the global military reports in recent days. The demonstration is unique in its tactical characteristics of the new types of weapons already built by American propaganda to unmatched levels. However, Russian military experts dispelled this myth, denying many fake details of the us military.

We will remind, the day before on Board the amphibious assault ship USS Ponce naval forces of the United States in the Persian Gulf was made a volley of laser cannon LaWS, in which the drone was shot down. Despite the fact that the same test passed in August 2014, the us military stressed the unique capabilities of the laser gun, such as invisibility and bessvatnet of the blow, and its ultra-high speed 50 times the speed of Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Especially command USS Ponce noted the universal application possibilities of laser weapons against the many goals of different types (air, surface, land), low collateral damage and no need for maintenance of a goal due to immediacy of impact, with the speed of light. However, the fighting ability of the LaWS to sharply resonate with his tactical abilities and are reduced to taking out only small aircraft and boats.

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This disconcerting contrast in an interview with the blogger commented commercial Director of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Alex Leonov. The military expert stressed that “it was just a demonstration of the laser, which shoots down plastic not manoeuvring target drone, which has a GPS transmitter and it certainly helps to bring on target”.

So he did not call LaWS laser gun weapon, citing the fact that it is much smaller than artillery and small arms and anti-missile weapons. This limited nature of laser weapons due to the dependence on weather conditions and the distance to the goal:

It can be used in bright Sunny weather when the target is not hiding anything. If it rains or the target is hiding behind the clouds, then this goal will not knock it, because these natural manifestations scatter the laser beam and its efficiency will drop significantly. She can’t shoot down the target at long distances. To make one shot, you need a power plant that can produce one or two shots.

In addition, Alex Leonov pointed out another drawback to the American laser gun is the inability to work in a “swarm purposes” – such as cruise missiles. According to the expert, even if the gun will be able to neutralize one of them, the rest of the targets will hit the object that has the laser gun. It may be “the ship, which is nuclear weapons or the fact that it protects”.

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Therefore, a key point in the evaluation tests of the laser weapon Alex Leonov called the show of demonstration effects, designed for the rich sheikhs of the Persian Gulf. In contrast to the American “show”, in Russia developing laser weapons is based on the Soviet data of samples tested on the water (vessel “Dixon”), earth (“Skeleton”), sky and space, and will be presented in full combat kit

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