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Krushelnitsky could take Meldonium a hangover

Крушельницкий мог принимать мельдоний из-за похмелья

The Russian side is developing options for the protection of the high-profile case of Alexander Krushelnytskoho curler, in urine samples which found Meldonium. This process involved also the First channel which has put forward three versions of as the blood of the Russian athlete could be a prohibited drug.

“The first provocation. The substance could have put Alexander Kruszelnicka, for example, in the dining room in the Olympic village. But who can be sure that you need the glass or the plate will not take someone else? This option is likely out.

Second — after all krushelnitsky took Meldonium itself. Prior to that, he passed dozens of tests and was always clean. And then the dope right before the decisive match. Looks like a suicide. Why would he do that?!

The Curling Federation asked the RCDS to figure out where in the doping sample Krushelnytskoho Meldonium

Finally, the third version of Meldonium restores the balance of energy in the body and helps, among other things, a hangover. Olympics — a celebration of sport, but prohibition in this celebration to be announced. Who is going to read the label of the drug, designed to help in the morning?!” according to the website of the channel,” said one of the news of the First channel.

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As writes on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing a source involved in the development of the line of defense of the Russian side is now considering two possible scenario. First: if concentration will be low, Meldonium was “spiked” at the training camp in Japan. In this case, the investigation of the scene and collecting evidence of the innocence of the athlete needs to do in the first place, the Russian investigative authorities.

The second scenario (in case of high concentration), suggests that Meldonium was adopted after the arrival in South Korea. In this case, according to the source, it will be possible to prove the impossibility to smuggle into the country — the mistress of the Olympics and the Olympic village a prohibited drug because of the rigidity of the checks. A source in conversation with the publication noted that “the IOC itself has given Russia a trump card when swiping investigation into a doping crisis, came to the conclusion that the samples can be opened, in fact, leaving no trace”.

According to the source, the version of “dope is terrorism” looks a priority.

On Monday also it became known that the Curling Federation asked the RCDS to figure out where in the doping sample Krushelnytskoho Meldonium.

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Earlier it was reported that both the doping tests of Alexander Krushelnytskoho tested positive for Meldonium. In this regard, the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced that it has registered cases against the curler. In the near future from the IOC and the CAS needs to do an official review on this.

13 Feb krushelnitsky, together with his wife Anastasia Bryzgalova won a bronze medal in double-doubles. Athletes were the first Olympic medals in the history of Curling. The pair planned to stay in the Olympic capital until the end. Currently, Alexander left the Olympic village. Earlier in mass media it sounded the version, according to which the drug could add to the drink during the January training camp in Japan.

The incident with Krushelnick can lead not only to the deprivation of the Russian national team awards, but also to the delay in the restoration of the status of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC).

Recall now Russia stands at the Olympics-2018 in the neutral status, without the right to use the national anthem and symbols for sanctions in the form of temporary suspension imposed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in light of the doping scandal.

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